Pros and Cons of Bath Rugs vs. Bath Mats

Bathroom Interiors Dated:  March 31, 2014
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Bath accessories are an important element in home décor and have to be selected very carefully in order to achieve perfection. This makes us arrive at the all-time favorite bath rug or bath mat debate. Most people have a standing question right at the beginning of this exercise. What’s the big difference? The difference is what helps you make an informed choice. Bath mats are usually placed in the wet area of the bathroom to soak you up outside of the shower or the bath tub. Rugs are to beautify your bathroom in the aspects of color and style. We help you to solve the riddle of bath mats vs. bath rugs and help you arrive at a decision!

Bath Mats: Mats are simplistic and serve the purpose of soaking up the water from your bath. These are less decorative and more functional. Bath mats are usually available in soft materials in plain cotton so that your comfort is visible when you stand on one. However, owing to the plain character that a bath mat has, it doesn’t really style up your bathroom. Simplicity is the key in case of a mat. When buying a bath mat, make sure it has a non-slip underside to avoid possible injuries, especially if you have elderly people using the bathroom. In comparison to bath rugs, bath mats are easily washable.

Bath Rugs: Bath rugs complement the personal style of the owner and help you personalize your bathroom. It isn’t said outright that you cannot use a rug to soak up water. Rugs can be used outside your tub and shower to soak up water, although not all bath rugs will solve the purpose. Due to the intricate materials used in making a bath rug, the water soaking quotient may be low. In comparison to mats,

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The problem concerning the choice between a mat and a rug is usually not as critical if you know what you’re looking for. People usually prefer both options, to keep the rug under the bathroom sink to brush your teeth in the morning, and the mat to soak up the excess bath water. Whatever you select, make sure you employ a color theme in the bathroom for all of your bath accessories. This livens up your bathroom and reflects your style more than just a mat or a rug!

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