Quick Home Design Ideas for Family Room

Decor Tips Dated:  Nov. 27, 2014
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wooden partition design by: Shahen Mistry

Whether it is traditional, regionally influenced, modern or downright wild; a family room is a place where people gather together with their loved ones. It is much more than a place where you chill and unwind. It is the one place where you have your memorable conversations over a cup of tea or coffee. The colors, furniture, flooring and windows that you chose for your family room will affect all who are going to use it regularly to a great extent. Even your guests are bound to feel the personal touches, sense and style that this room exhibits.

Living RoomLiving Room Design by: Milind Pai

Hence, it becomes all the more necessary to make this space special on all counts. Here are some quick home design ideas for your family room:

Family rooms are often clear reflectors of those who inhabit that space. Whatever quick home design you settle for in regards to your family room; it will take a shape or character that will be very much in sync with your life and style. So don’t think much …get going and experimenting.

  • In most metros the space is tight and you end up having a restricted space for family use. In such a case try throwing in white upholstery and add some light off white or light cream hues to the family room. You will notice it creates an instant depth and dimension to your family room.
  • On the other hand if you happen to have a rather large room at your disposal then you can create a visual divide and define space. A quick method of doing it would be to add a wooden beam to the ceiling or cordon off a section with the help of furniture or accessories and even plants.
  • You don’t always have to go with one particular style for the family room. You can actually mix the new and old; classic and edgy; neutral and traditional. For example you can use a contemporary sofa set with simple and sleek lines and set it off with traditional drapery. Use it all to create that comfy family room that suits your family and sense of comfort coupled with style.
    silver wall decoration hangingsWall Decoration Design Ideas by: 999 interiors Interiors
  •  Take out the art pieces that have been languishing in the store room and give them a fresh look by cleaning, painting and priming them and hang them or place them on one of the family room walls to create a special family section. For example you could collect family pictures of both immediate family and ancestor right above the couch or sofa.
  • Most Indian families own a trunk or two. They are often pushed into a storage space and forgotten or filled with all kind of unused junk. You can actually add a touch of antique, ancestry by using it for a coffee table in the family room. Just clean it and redecorate it a bit with the help of paint, or motifs and compliment it with any other family heirloom or antique that you find in the house – Old record player, harmonium, telephone instrument, picture frames or even an old rocking chair – all will lend a special charm and coziness to your family room without having to spend any money.
  • You could also create a new look and design into your family room by simply rearranging the existing furniture. For example if it is lined up against a wall's; just pull it away from the walls and gather it around a central piece like a great marble topped coffee table.
    drawing hallDrawing Hall Design by: Rajni Patel
  • You can also create a great family room by putting the old with new. For example you could anchor the family room with an antique table or rug and then set it off with modern touches with the help of Pair silk curtains, mirrored tables and various bold colored cushions with a hint of gold or silver.
  • One of the quickest ways to design the family room is to create a theme and you don’t have to redo the entire room or recreate it; all you need to do is change the upholstery in a zebra or tiger print. Or throw a floral rug on the floor and place coordinating cushions and pillows on the sofa set. Even a single animal print chair can add that wild feel to the place.
    Living Room with White Walls and White SofaLiving Room with White Walls and White Sofa Design by: Pinky Pandit
  • If you want to go modern then you could easily do so with a sleek plain glass coffee table with very clean and straight lines and no frills. The more bare and essential it looks the more modern it will appear. To match this table you could place a white or light tanned leather sofa with either bright or bold cushions or with rather muted colors and a rug with geometric designs.
  • Though this will not be all that quick…you could actually do away with solid exterior doors and replace them with glass ones. This will not only bring in a lot of sunlight but will also make the room feel much more open and airy.
  • If you happen to live in a place with a lot of greenery and Nature, you could try bringing it in. Try picking up good pieces of fallen tree trunks or lake side pebbles and stones. You could then place these in the family room after having worked on them a little and if you think they are better off in their original shape then by all means, go ahead. You could then keep adding and changing the look of your family room with the rest of the furniture and accessories.
  • Another way of letting in all the Nature and outside is using the Japanese Shoji screens. You could also have floor to ceiling sliding doors made of glass. These are especially good for senior citizens as the ample light works as an aid for their eyesight that tends to grow weaker with age. The bright day light makes is ever so much easy for them.
    Living RoomFloral theme Living Room Design Idea by: kirat dhillon
  • Another easy trick is to punctuate a neutral or laid back pattern or theme with bright colors and strong patterns. If you simply add some red colored accessories to an otherwise gray or white room you will see how it instantly changes its energy and feel.
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