Rendezvous with the Ghotras

The Story of My Home Dated:  May 30, 2014
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The Drawing Room

I recently visited Mr and Mrs. Ghotra at their apartment in Dwarka in New Delhi. Excerpts from our conversations about their house, their intrinsic styles and more:

Tell me something about your house. When did you buy this house?

We bought the house at Dwarka almost 2 years back and ever since it has been an extension of our personality…from the wall paints to the floor tiles to the details of the wardrobes and the crystal pieces inside, all mirror the richness of years of association with the Indian Army, my husband retired from the Indian Army recently as a Major General.

The LobbyThe Lobby

Did you do your house all by yourself or hired a designer/architect? What were the challenges faced by you from initial stage to completion stage?

I designed and conceived the house by myself, so to answer that was my approach. The Army experience has enriched it through its own unique way- the paintings are brought from Russia; they are framed here in Utam Nagar in New Delhi. The many shops there have jems specializing in varied crafts, one such done beautifully in the painting I bought.
Also the Marble was brought from Chattarpur. The curtains, likewise, many years back from Burma when my Husband was posted at Mantripohri. The other curtains are from MO showroom at Gurgaon.
The Furniture that you see is custom made in Gurgaon, so no architect hired....just the keen eye of was sufficient! The lights are from light house Madhuwan Chowk in Delhi.

The bar and crockery displayThe bar and crockery display

I would say however that one has to closely work with different contractors (lighting, plumbing, electrical, glass, wood... That’s a huge list) and on different ideologies, it’s YOUR home. I went through a lot of hard work to know who in the market will deliver what exactly that I was looking for or had in mind, and I would like to say here that it was the undying support of my family, kids and especially my husband who constantly encouraged and supported me that finally saw my dream home through.

What decor style do you prefer? What colors do you think are intrinsic home decor colors?

We are generally not people too loud on colors and décor so I preferred to go with muted shades and kept it simple. That in my view also remain intrinsic home décor colors. Pieces are accentuated with the use of different lighting and I have invested with wood work wherever possible. 

The Drawing roomThe Drawing room

Did you make any changes in the house in regard to the built layout of the home?

We made some changes in the dining space when we initially bought the house to make it more efficient. The dining room door that lead to the balcony outside was closed to make space in the room and the only entrance provided was one from the kitchen. Changes like this have helped bring more space and given way to better functionality too. These changes were incorporated as part of a suggestion by my niece who happened to be studying architecture at the time...we also made some changes in bedrooms to make for additional space- some of the walls were reoriented and spaces inside reorganized.

The Dining RoomThe Dining Room

Are your room designed as per their personas?

I feel each room has its own identity and speaks its own language. Be it the décor pieces in the drawing room and the rugs that go with it, the ceiling lights used in each room or the finishes on the walls, the concealed lights used inside the house and the various corners that they draw attention- each space speaks of its unique user through its details.

The Drawing RoomThe Drawing Room

Does your house reflect your personality?

I believe yes. My house is what if not an extension of my being… my soul. It’s my personality and I would say that it definitely does take a lot of patience and perseverance to design it.

Your favorite space in this house.

That will be difficult to pick. I would say my favorite experience with the house is waking up to my home sipping the first cup of tea, sitting in the balcony.

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