Bring on the Bling with: Rococo Interior Designing

Architectural Styles from around the World Dated:  Sept. 7, 2015
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Rococo Interior Design Ideas

Adopt European royalty to give your home a luxurious look!!

Rococo was the first style developed in the field of decorative arts and interior designs. It highly flourished in the era of the 70’s and was considered to be more of a “French Taste” and was largely spread by French artists and engraved publications. Rococo interiors are highly detailed and which include intricately carved wood detailing with luxurious textiles for furniture. So if you are planning to go for an over-the-top ornamental décor, here are some suggestions to bring up your interior the way you want.

Rococo FurnitureRococo Furniture
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Rococo Furniture: Intricately designed and detailed furniture with curved and carved cabriole legs and gilding will surely remind you of the era of the 70’s and will enhance the European theme  also furniture with claw and ball feet will act like icing to the cake. The furniture is best if upholstered in leather, brocade or velour.

Rococo WallsRococo Wall Decor
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Rococo Walls: One of the key features which has to be kept in mind while giving your home this flamboyant and rich look is to decorate your walls with gold painted plaster work and lavish designs. This is to be contrasted with pastel wall colours. You have to also be very specific with the choice of the colour of the walls in rococo design. Delicate colours such as yellow, pink, ivory and gold, azure blue and cream should be among your top priority while colouring your walls. Fabrics with damask and floral prints can be used for wall coverings which will add to the ornate theme.

Rococo CeilingsRococo Ceiling Design
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Rococo Ceilings: Carved sinuous silhouettes will give the ceilings a characteristic rococo finishing. Beautiful floral designs can also be carved on the ceilings as well. Light art can be done on the ceilings which will exhibit its importance in rococo design.

Rococo FlooringRococo Flooring Design Idea
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Rococo Flooring: To strengthen the theme, floors are to be made from high-end materials such as solid wood or marble. To give the floors a more lighter and softer look the floors can be decorated with rugs which are oriental in design.

Rococo AccessoriesRococo Decor Accessories
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Rococo Accessories: Rococo’s ornate asymmetry is inspired by natural curves of trees, shells, clouds and flowers.with gilded frames, crystal chandeliers, door knobs and pulls will enhance the opulent look.   

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