Save Money on wall paints: DIY

Wall Accents Dated:  Feb. 25, 2014
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Painting is the most basic yet effective method to deck up your walls. What most of us fear about wall painting is the massive cost involved with a good paint job. Most of the time, we don’t even think about doing it ourselves because of the mess and the effort involved. But trust me, if you walk into the project, you’ll save up on a lot of money you would normally have to spit up to the pros, and also you’ll have a ton of fun! The following are 6 easy methods that’ll help you ace the job.



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1)    Pre-painting: The pre-paint job is the most crucial. Your surface has to be made even in all ways. Scrape up the old paint, sandpaper the surface completely, putty the blemishes like cracks, holes and dents and get rid of your wall’s acne, so to speak! This is the most important bit of your paint job. A well-prepped wall will befriend your new paint better than a blemished wall. No amount of producer’s claims on an expensive paint will give you that clean surface if your walls aren’t prepped well.

2)    Prime: This might seem like a luxury you can do without, owing to the fact that a lot of paints these days have an inbuilt priming quality. But for an improved adhesion and coverage of your paint, we recommend that you use a dedicated primer. Priming you walls solve three purposes: Firstly, it stops stains from seeping through. Secondly, it is one-coat coverage to your paint. Thirdly, priming is a great adhesive. It stops the paint to blister or peel from your walls. To achieve the desired effect, tint your primer with

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little bit of the topcoatto help the topcoat hide the primed surface better.

3)    Choose your tools well: Ask the local hardware store person to help you with the choice of brushes and roller sleeves. The best of paint jobs can fall through if the equipment is not selected carefully. Steer clear of brushes that start getting hair fall after the first day of painting.

4)    Keep it clean: A paint job to the whole wide world almost always, means an unforgivable mess. Here’s a handy trick to stop that from happening. Lay a canvas drop-cloth rather than plastic to cover your floor and fixed furniture. Canvas absorbs paint and won’t become all slippery like plastic during the job. Plastic is also prone to tearing and a potential time bomb for tripping. What’s more, a canvas drop cloth will last you a lifetime rather than the plastic ones!

5)    Scared of heights? Ditch the ladder and Invest in an extension pole. These come in all kinds of sizes and help you paint safely without dwelling in the constant fear of breaking your neck.

6)    Hassle free painting: We know that washing up and cleaning after a full day of painting can be extremely

Here’s an easy way to wrap up each day. When you are done painting for the day, wipe off the extra paint on each of your brushes and roller sleeves and wrap them up tightly in food grade plastic wrap and put them in the refrigerator. The following day, pull them out half an hour prior to when your painting is to start. This helps you cut a lot of time and hassles short.

These simple steps help you get a pro-painted wall, minus the cost of labour! We hope you have fun decorating your walls!  


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