Small Cafe Interior Design

Decor Tips Dated:  July 11, 2014
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Designed by Bodh Architects

For all those people who love to wake up in the morning with the smell of waffles, eggs and bacon in their nose and sniff the coffee beans all day,  owning a little cafe in their backyard has probably been a midsummer night's dream! Those lovely French and English cafés which are set outdoors in sunny climes probably make your heart skip a beat and make you dream about the prospects of opening up a café yourself, where you'd sit behind the counter and chat with your regulars. Even if you don't want to bring business into it, you can still make a hangout place in your house, your small café. Here's a list of things you can do to go about it, for business or for pleasure!

Think of a theme. The best cafés I feel, are the ones that employ a theme. Think of the Red café in Delhi, or the whole bunch of Hard Rock cafés. Tea Trove in Kolkata is another cutesy tea café that I absolutely adore. The themes to drool all over are The Beatles or a music themed café, the antique themed café, flower power or garden themed café, or a rustic, ethnic café.

How do you feel about the Beatles? Or Panchamda? Do you like the antique vinyls which used to play music for our granddads? Have you toyed with the idea of getting a John Lennon decal for your wall? Then you're definitely a music fanatic who will do justice to his music love by designing a music themed café. Pick a musician, band, time period or even an instrument and go about your favourite music café design.

Are you a film fanatic? Are Alfred Hitchcock and Al Pacino the people who adorn your bedroom walls? You deserve to dedicate your café to your idols. Or a TV Show themed café with all your favourite props aligned using threads with high tensile strength. All your Central Perkiness can come to life! ;)

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Here at Zingy, we really love people who can pull off the ethnic Indian décor with style! The uniqueness of Indian décor lies in the fact that there are millions of facets to it. 28 states, 7 union territories, innumerable cultures, uncountable home décor accessories. Choose from whichever style appeals to you. One amazing idea for ceiling décor is making a ceiling out of earthen lamps or diyas. Strew strong threads across your ceiling and suspend painted lamps from the ceiling. Lovely is an understatement for the effect that you'll achieve! Employ wicker tables and chairs and bandhani dupattas to make your café look authentic.

We come to one of my personal favourites,  the flower or garden themed café. If you have a backyard dedicated to dumping scrap, it's time to put in some effort and change it into the most awesome space you've ever owned in your house. Grow some grass and even it out, and buy some garden-themed furniture to go with it. Grow some ornamental plants in big pots and your garden café look even more professionally handled. Keep baskets of Pine cones on your table to accessorise. Wrought iron lamps decorated with flowering creepers will complete your garden look for you.

Furthermore, don't be afraid to experiment. These are all ideas that can be tweaked to suit your personal style, so make sure you do that! Do share your ideas with us!

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