Valentine's Day Decor Tips For Restaurants

Festive Decor Dated:  Feb. 5, 2014
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Valentine's  Day is a busy time for restaurants. As couples celebrate love, restaurants are busy working on how to look and what to serve. 
Here we share some useful decor tips for Valentine’s Day for restaurants to make them appear tastefully appealing for couples in love.
Select a colour for your theme; red and white or pink and white generally go very well for Valentine’s Day celebration as they are the colours of love. 
Place starched white table cloths on each table. White looks elegant and stands out among a sea of colours. It also makes other colours pop up more vibrantly.
Place a jar filled with fresh red or pink roses on each table. Since times immemorial, roses have symbolized love. Also, it makes for an interesting centrepiece. The fragrant flowers set the right mood and tone for the evening. For a classier look, place a single red rose or a sprig of white orchid in a flute.  


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Use white coloured plates and silver plated cutlery. And no paper napkins for today please. Invest in good quality white or pink coloured cloth napkins. Fold them well and place them on each of your tables.
Place only wine or champagne glasses. So what if there are people who will drink only non-alcoholic beverages. Don’t these glasses look romantic?



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Now, let’s talk about the ambience. The first thing that pops up in our mind is the lighting. Glaring lights are a total no-no. Go for lower lighting in the dining area. You may consider swapping your normal lighting for candles. Candles with their soft and warm light provide intimate setting for your dining patrons. Put one pillar candle in red, white or pink on each table.


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Make your waitstaff dress according to the theme. Well, they cannot be dressed in entirety in pink, red or white, but they all can choose to wear headgears or aprons in the colour of the theme. This will show their solidarity towards the theme.
Place tiny heart-shaped eatables on each table. This not only shows your commitment to the Valentine’s Day euphoria but also makes your dining couples feel special. Put candies, marshmallows, mini cupcakes, cookies, strawberries; well, you got our gist. Likewise, you may also place some heart-shaped note papers and markers for couples to express their sentiments to each other.


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Some useful tips that though have nothing to do with the decor can make or break the dining experience for your Valentine’s Day patrons.

Keep the music soft and romantic. It helps keeping the mood light without hindering the conversation and jarring on the nerves. If you have hired a live orchestra or DJ for the day, they will do the needful.

It's needless to say that your

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area should be well-scented and no food odour from the kitchens should permeate there.

Whatever said and done, at the end of the day, it's the food that has to be extra ordinary. Prepare a winning menu for this special day that appeals to the patrons taste buds and work its way towards their hearts. 

Hope our tips are useful for you and succeed in giving your patrons a memorable time of their life.

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