A Vocabulary of Jaisim Fountainhead

Architecture Dated:  Feb. 17, 2015
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Yoganarasimha Temple, Melkote. Credit: HPNadig (wikimedia.org)

Came valentine's day and early morning found me on a rare road journey to the historic town of Melkote. Stepping into the over thousand years plus temple reflecting in glory inspite of horrific maintenance and paying lip service to the deities we walked to a sumptuous pooliodhere, dosa and delicious coffee - all out of the urban world - and having inspected the land we drove off and sipping beer suddenly found the SUV coming to a halt ! We refuelled but forgot to refuel the transport. But Divine intervention paused us? Directly across the road was a fuel station, smiles all around. But there was a divider - the Divine smile! And we had to dump the beer to cross the divider and bring the fuel in the bottles, after a few runs and fuelling the tank. Tried to start- no success. But again the SUV had stopped in a slope, the heavens smiled. And we were on our way.  The Temple Town and it's Gods had acknowledged our respect for the wonderful ARCHITECTURE of this magnificent hill town. Afterall I had gone to study it to study and learn and bring to spirit in the new town one had to design by the foot hills. This is FOUNTAINHEAD.

ALL Design ideas have to spring from somewhere and Melkote was IT.

FIFTY YEARS PLUS of my journey in architecture have been a sequence of well knitted labyrinth of interpretations of spaces that have in many ways influenced my Architecture. Each of the spectrum had stories that came to life in the built form. The client was and is like the child listening to the story and impatient as to when and why it will end. The Architect in me has no answers. Every time I walk and review the design I mentally pace all the dimensions hoping that this one will be one more that never was and will be timeless.

I strongly believe that my architecture will have that sense of sensuality that does not belong to any pre told styles or stories and yet belong to the Ethos and Culture that will habit these spaces. It is difficult and has been a difficult journey. One losses many clients because one refuses to conform. But every step has been earned and made a significant path down new avenues.

Architects CollageCollage Credits: wikipedia.org, telegraphindia.com, paparchitect.com & ramcons.in

It all started by TRIUMPH TIGER CUB  the motor cycle that made me decide where I shall peruse my higher education. In my second year Professor Sheila Tribe accidentally discovered on me the potential to think differently, she gave me a smile stating do not give up. Around the same time Howard Roark appeared with gifts of objectivism and FOUNTAINHEAD. Next Professor K.N Iyengar opened my eyes to the orders of architecture and the sheer simple magnificence of Mies van der Rohe. The exploration continued in the Third year when a chance meeting with Buck minster Fuller thrilled me with the understanding and importance of Structures. He thrilled me with the magic of the geodesic and tetrahedra. I soared. AND again a similar august happened with a sitting with Otto Koenigsberger. Wow. How content matters with context. Tropical architecture and it's in depth study made a world of difference.  I never lost any one of them for the other. Professor Pithavadian challenged me, Sri Krishna Chitale strengthened me and a discipline grew. Architecture was never the same again.

I discovered a language. The greats have given me the search for a new alphabetical and numerical order. My inborn chaos was challenged. Art and Mechanics fused. My near and dear ones smiled and gave me a hand and cleared many thorns and from walking to swimming, I started to Fly. The Sea Gull embraced. Adventure into the new horizons became a every project affair.

Today I have consciously slowed down. The Mind desires but the Body smiles. The young spirits in the Schools of Architecture now are my challenges. To infuse and make them stride and discover. I admire any young one who with innocence makes me think. They are my Fountains of creativity.


Today JAISIMFOUNTAINHEAD has left its footprints in the sands of time, the waves will wash it and new marks will be made. That will make me proud. Architecture is a Divine subject. Few alone understand its depths but many enjoy its spaces. Time intervenes to mark moments and creates mile stones that makes LIFE. LIFE a JOURNEY of MANKIND in this Universe filled with JOY, HAPPINESS and that SENSE OF ACHIEVEMENT.

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