Zingy Decor Ideas for Birthday Parties

Festive Decor Dated:  Jan. 31, 2014
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Birthday is that time of the year when you wish to splurge, show off and go over the board. Some like to throw big birthday bashes at fancy restaurants while others choose to organize a birthday do themselves in the comfort of their homes. Throwing a birthday party at home is no mean feat; you have to personally look after the food arrangement, invite list, seating arrangement, decoration and other paraphernalia. 
Well, we can’t help you with other things but one thing we can sure help you with is some zingy decor ideas for your birthday party.

Balloons and Confetti: Who says only kids have all the fun? Punch holes in colourful papers to make confetti. Fill this confetti in jumbo balloons and blow them. The more the better. Hang three balloons above the dinner table and the rest in the party lounge/room. Make sure to burst the balloons at the right time.


Img Src: www.poppiesforgrace.com.au


Blow some mid-sized balloons in a particular colour (for a monochrome themed party). Tie them with individual strings. Now put them on the walls with double-sided tape one after the other in a line. It makes for a beautiful wall decor.

Candles: No birthday is complete without candles. Make some candles in your favourite fragrance, colour and shape. Place colourful votive candles at the entrance or driveway. For a coffee table or bathroom, collect some pebbles, shells or coloured stones. Now place a pillar/box candle and surround it with those pebbles/stones. For dinner table, create a beautiful centrepiece with a big bowl filled with water and some tea lights. Alternatively, you may take a tray and keep some fresh fruits along with the candles for an apt dinner table decor.


Img Src: http://25.media.tumblr.com/8113b8f8247fae1ac1d012930e1e795e/tumblr_mhgnqmR8uY1rfktvmo1_400.jpg


Tissue Paper Flowers: They are quick, simple and totally inexpensive. Make some flowers out of colourful tissue papers. Now take a few light coloured (preferably butter yellow, soft pink or baby blue) paper napkins. Open them into half so that they provide a firm base. Now glue the napkins one after the other to make into a long runner. You will need approx 5-6 napkins for that. Now stick the tissue flowers on the runner in a haphazard manner or any other way you seem fit. Place this dramatic runner on the dinner table and your guests will never run out of conversation topic. 

Hang large flowers from the ceiling and give small flowers to be placed behind a lady’s ear or in a man’s shirt pocket.


Img Src: http://www2.fiskars.com


Garlands and Streamers: Wrap streamers around chairs, plants, on the walls etc. Make garland out of tuile/yarn pom poms, paper flowers, waxed paper, honeycomb etc. and put them on the walls, cupboards etc. 


Img Src: www.ohhappyday.com


They will surely brighten up any room. It becomes a splendid backdrop for a photo booth too.


Img Src: www.etsy.com


Fresh Flowers: Pluck some, buy some and make them into big fat bouquets for vases/jars. Get some exotic orchids, a few springs will do. Hang them from the walls to give the place an ethereal quality. Tear the flowers into petals and make lovely floor designs.


Img Src:party.tipjunkie.com


How did you find our birthday party decor ideas? Do share your inputs with us.


Img Src: Image courtesy of Dynamite Imagery / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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