In Conversation with the Founders of the Fresco Art company Pikscape - Gaurav and Shradha

Product Barons Dated:  April 29, 2015
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Gaurav Khanna and Shradha Khurana

“Painting is a blind man's profession. He paints not what he sees, but what he feels, what he tells himself about what he has seen”. - Pablo Picasso

I had an interesting conversation with Gaurav Khanna and his wife Shradha Khurana recently about their company Pikscape and their passion for fresco art.

Pikscape provides creative fresco art service of international quality and service standard. When you read the excerpts below from my conversation with them, you’ll get to know how much they love their work and the passion they have for fresco art. As Gaurav puts it “one Could only spend endless energy and resource in a work where he or she never gets tired”

Roman classic art on marbleRoman classic art on marble

How did the concept of Pikscape come to your mind? 
The name "Fresco" is Italian and literally it means fresh. Traditional fresco techniques date back to Ajanta Ellora and the Renaissance period. We lived in Australia for nine years and that is where we fell in love with the concept. All around the world fresco is the best form of presenting artwork or ornaments in architectural structures. Commissioned fresco art is a special service where every artwork is a customized work of beauty.

You speak a lot about the combination of hand-painted paintings and digital paintings. Could you elaborate please?
We use a combination of latest material, techniques with traditional methods to come up with museum of quality fresco art service. There is a lot of work that needs to be done, because the kind of final touch and protection that fresco art require is enormous. And there are also different forms of presenting fresco art.

Persian art on marblePersian art on marble

How has the journey been so far?
No complaints. Within three months we started, we have done multiple projects with the same passion. We aim to provide a creative fresco art service of international quality and service standard. Despite the number of offers for collaboration, we prefer to keep it a personalized service respecting the creativity and authenticity of each project of the team Pikscape.

What inspired you to start Pikscape?
We have been in love with fresco for few years. One Could only spend endless energy and resource in a work where he never gets tired. We have international mentors, who have done major projects around the world. With a lot of hard work, we see our fresco art service as a great addition to any new and existing project.

What kind of projects have you been working on under Pikscape?
A particular thing which needs to be highlighted is that, besides the final artwork and it's quality we also need to understand the preferences of the end user. Personally, I have done few research and networking, in order to understand more about the preferences of the user. I and my wife, truly enjoy doing every project and we have also rejected projects based on creative aspect.

Ceiling Panel fittedCeiling Panel fitted

Could you share some of the challenges that you faced while starting Pikscape?
Yes, there are number of challenges that we faced and here are some of them:-

  • Since we lived in the west for the past 11 years, adjusting to Indian system and culture was amongst the top factors.
  • Another challenge was developing the correct methodology, materials and processes for the Indian conditions, finalizing the supply chain. Luckily, we got a lot of support and help within and outside India, from a number of people.
  • Training local artists, workmen to ensure that the whole concept meets international standards, both in terms of quality and delivery times.
Ballerina painting on wallBallerina painting on wall

Apart from painting, what are the other things that you enjoy the most?
Music, Travel, Yoga, connecting with people in different geographic and mindset zones, spending time with kids and elders.

What will be your suggestions to youngsters who are passionate about art?
Do what you love - love what you do.

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