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Simple Home Floral Decor

By: Urmil Gupta|Date: 28 December, 2014|Photos: 41

One doesn't need to buy flowers to pep up one's home. Here are some simple ideas I use. Just unleash your creativity! Leave your comments if you like what I have created.

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Pink flowers can perk up anyone
For days that one doesn't find too many flowers around...
Guess the flowers in this arrangement!
Marigolds the eternal summer flowers
Imitating the first rays of the morning Sun
White, pink, yellow and green - this simplistic floral decor has them all
A glass bowl topped with leaves with the flowers resting above the leaves
Summer greens!
As colourful as leaves can be!
When exotic orchids are at hand
What do you think of this bouquet with the bow and all?
The lady wrapped in a flowery attire
Just what can pep up one's mornings!
Pretty colors to perk up any living room
Marigold petals spreading the warmth
Table top flower decor
Summery flower arrangement
A lovable flower arrangement with scanty summery flowers
When hibiscus are the only flowers one can spot...after all that's what creativity is all about!
hmm...a gondola full of flowers on the canals in Venice?
Leaves can sometimes dominate a flower arrangement
Rich flowery decor
The brightly shining Sun...
Different shades of pink
What say for this "wild" flower arrangement?
Simply white flower decor
Here's one to pep up any corner!
Swinging with the flowers
Sunflowers for a sunny day decor
Count the number of flowers in this one
The love birds
Lonely lady in a boat full of flowers on pristine white waters...
Floral arrangement around a table top decor
Just put in the flowers in an elegant arrangement on a plate and voila there you have a pretty floral decor
Marigold petals can be used in more ways than one can imagine!
Pretty pretty
Subtle summer hues
Morning fresh