Metra Poliedra-Sky 50
Metra Poliedra-Sky 50 Metra Poliedra-Sky 50

Metra Poliedra-Sky 50


Traditional curtain wall (mullions and transoms) 50 mm deep structure, visible inside and outside Tubular mullion: 42 to 225 mm deep Glass thickness: 8 to 45 mm Tightness: EPDM gaskets Thermal-break: Tecno CMP rigid insulating spacer Original accessories Finishing: anodized or painted Aluminium alloy EN AW-6060 Integration with systems Poliedra-Sky 50I, 50S, 50CV, 60, Casement systems, Sunblades See all details

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Product Details
Other Specifications & Standards Compliance


  • (1). Acoustic and thermal insulation
  • (2). Use of the system for many types of realizations
  • (3). Light bearing structure, easy to assemble
  • (4). External look personalized thanks to the external covers
  • (5). Integration with all METRA casement windows
Water static tightness
EN *
R4 R5 R6 R7 re1050
Water dynamic
tightness - ENV *
250/750 Pa
Air permeability
EN *
A1 A2 A3 A4 ae
Wind load resistance
EN * - EN *
 2000/3000 Pa
Sound insulation
EN ISO 140-3 - EN ISO 717-1
up to 50 dB 
Thermal transmittance  
Uf W/m2 K
Impact resistance
EN *
Drop H
200 mm
300 mm
450 mm
700 mm
950 mm
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