Alu-Wood Windows with Thermal Break
Alu-Wood Windows with Thermal Break Alu-Wood Windows with Thermal Break

Alu-Wood Windows with Thermal Break

If you don't want to give up a material as resistant as aluminium and, at the same time, you like the naturalnessof wood, metra offers you the best solution: the Alumi-nium-Wood system. This system enables the realization ofwindows by means of composed frames: the external partis made of aluminium profiles, the internal one is made ofnatural heartwood. The heartwood in all its types and colours inside give warmth and naturalness to the interior,concealing an aluminium heart and structure which reducethe maintenance operations and keep their performancesin the time. Ask a metra authorized fabricator about thecombinations among the different metra series, aestheticlines and opening typologies

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Size:   20mm

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Product Details
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 20mm
Other Specifications & Standards Compliance
Opening typologies
Alu-Wood Windows
1. Windows and French windows with one or more vents, bottom-hung, tilt-and-turn, tilt-and-slide
2. Entrance doors opening inwards and fixed frames
1. Wide range of finishing and aesthetic lines
2. Maximum thermal and acoustic insulation
3. Resistance and structural stability
4. Easy maintenance
5. Possibility to combine different opening typologies
6. Water drainage on frames visible or hidden (without caps)
7. Hardware with anticorrosion treatment
Finishes and colours
The surface finishes are made of natural pigments, without environmental impact, with great aesthetics and ensuring an excellent durability. Contemporary colours such as anodised, matt, gloss, extra-gloss, wood-effect or sandblasted effect paints.
Design complements
Handles and hinges. The complements and accessories are suitable for all METRA systems. Contemporary forms with unique and exclusive styles are designed to enhance every last detail in all types of living space, bringing together aesthetics and function. The wide range of finishes ensures a vast assortment of aesthetic solutions and combinations in line with individual style.
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