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Apurva Bose Dutta


I am an author and award-winning architectural journalist from Bengaluru, India. An alumna of the Chandigarh College of Architecture, I chose to tread a lesser-known path and pursued architectural journalism as my primary profession. Armed with a diploma in freelance journalism from the U.K., I have spent the past 12 years writing about the AEC industry, sharing myknowledge by working with most of the architecture media houses in India and multiple of them worldwide. My association with architectural organisations has also extended to curating, conceptualising, and hosting architecture events.

My writings that reflect on all facets of architecture and the building industry are aimed at sharing, critiquing, and creating a demand for better architecture for the society. While I am working towards increasing the visibility of architectural journalism in India through my various initiatives, I am constantly exploring avenues to communicate about architecture globally. Having received three awards for my journalistic work from the Indian architecture and building industry, I have also represented the Indian delegation at the International Media Visit of Architectural Writers organised by the Australian government in Melbourne.

ARCHITECTURAL VOICES OF INDIA: A Blend of Contemporary and Traditional Ethos, my recent book is a resource on the theory of contemporary architecture in India, and initiates a powerful discourse on Indian architects and architecture. My work can be viewed on


Architectural Journalism

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