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OUR PHILOSOPHY You need a multi-disciplinary Architectural Firm that understands your specific and unique needs. You require these to be provided within constraints, opportunities and restricted budgets producing a functional efficient design without compromise. Our philosophy and work ethics will always be provided through a participatory and consultative approach in order to achieve an efficient and innovative solution. WORKS OF ART- ARCHITECTS has established a proven record for producing successful design solutions for projects requiring: Successful architectural resolution of complex programs within sensitive urban contexts. Careful management of multi-body client/user groups. Commitment to a Design Team approach comprised of Client, users and authorities, Architects, Landscape Architects, Planners, Consulting Engineers and other Specialist Consultants as required. Attention to budgets and schedules as well as to future operating and maintenance costs. Operational control and maintainability through operations, security and monitoring. Cost and schedule control.

OUR GOALS You require Value for your investment and/or trust through recognition of the purpose, function, cost, time and aesthetic requirements.  Instead of "either/or" choices, the solution must maximize: functional values and economic return efficiency and design integrity short term marketability and long term resource management the site, schedule and building programme We reach beyond standard assumptions and stock answers and we ask our clients to do the same by involving them as active members of the team through "participative management." We provide thorough listening and communication skills, crystallized issues, and summarized options. A positive outcome of community and regulatory approvals is achieved through the additional participation of review bodies, government agencies and public interest groups.

OUR METHODOLOGY Our integrated design methodology underpins every aspect of design. Design solutions must meet a broad range of Design Values, environmental, social, functional and financial. Integrated design is a collaborative method for designing which emphasizes the development of a holistic design. Constraints, what constraints? Innovation is often considered an optimistic venture, but what is it that actually makes it possible? Although it may come as a surprise, its the constraints we encounter. A kite flies because of dynamics in the air, but the string controlling it facilitates that condition. Cut the string and it will crash. In other words, constraints can be guides. Constraints are our ally, not our foe. We embrace constraints not as a negative condition but as a guide for growth and innovation; we focus on the flight of the kite and how to serve it.

OUR OBJECTIVES Our Clients believe the success of WORKS OF ART-ARCHITECTS is due to the quality of the designs. Our objective is to provide good design through technical expertise, strong management techniques and aesthetic sensitivity. These objectives are achieved by the employment of a skilled, professional staff. Wecredits the longevity and continual growth of the firm to these objectives. Satisfaction through quality is a main objective. You are and will be major contributors to life, society and culture in the future. We will provide to you close personal service from the initial planning stages of design through the construction of the facility and warranty follow-up. We actively involve your Team representatives; we listen, define needs and translate them into attractive, functional and cost effective design solutions.

OUR APPROACH We work hard in meeting our clients needs to ameliorate their facilities, and believe in a directapproach to design and problem solving that might be best described as creative collaboration. Good architecture is achieved through active Client/Architect collaboration and clear design solutions, unique to each one of your projects. We listen carefully in order to document your strategies and aspirations. Our strengths lie in personally engaging all stakeholders about their needs, resources, and vision. We want our clients to learn, work and live in spaces that reflect what they value. To be in buildings that are relevant to their surroundings and contribute to a sense of place. We provide a professional team that will deliver the project as a whole.

Our role is to co-ordinate the input of this team and to identify and engage with all relevant interest groups. Our strong communication drive and established network of specialists means we have become adept at putting the right people together to suit your needs and the particular demands of your projects Successful architecture is achieved through meticulous attention to detail, from spatial organization to the nuts and bolts.

Our experience in design, construction and project management means we are mindful of the technical competency, cooperation, budgeting and logistics needed to construct successful buildings.

Our hands-on experience informs our designs with a rare combination of imagination and feasibility. We explore both straightforward and unexpected solutions while confirming that the design can be realized within the clients requirements and project budget. Potent client collaboration, clear design solutions and values, and hands-dirty attention to detail: these form the core of our approach to design.

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WORKS OF ART has a well-seasoned and experienced core team consisting of architectural, landscape architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, interior design, quantity survey, civil and site servicing engineering disciplines. As well, we pr...see more


Education, Recreation, Sacred Spaces, Environmental/Sustainable Design, Accessibility Compliance, Interior Design, Project Management, Graphic Design, Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture, Art & Design, CAD, 3D Modeling & Visualization

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