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Chitra Vishwanath

BANGALOREKarnatakaIndia, 560097

Mrs Chitra K Vishwanath has been an ardent ecological architect since the beginning of her career. Her professional career began with a brief employment with another architecture firm which she soon quit and set up her own practice that came to be known as “Chitra Vishwanath Architects”. With a complete commitment to sustainable architecture, her practice spanned 15 years during which she executed around 500 projects – residential, institutional and tourism. Between the year 1990 and 1998 she worked alone, but from 1998 the practice grew to a group 15+ ecological architects. The practice is now under the umbrella of Biome Environmental Solutions Pvt Ltd (Biome). Students from all over the world now come for internships to Biome. Mrs Chitra K Vishwanath is also invited in various seminars and workshop as resource person, lecturer or anchor on sustainable architecture.


During her practice, Mrs Chitra K Vishwanath has developed the basic supply-chains of contractors, masons, and plumbers who understand and have the skills to execute mud/earth construction based projects integrating sound water and energy management. Through her practice she has developed strong credibility both as an architectural practice and as an advocate and pioneer of sustainable architecture practices in the development sector. Her work and philosophy has also received significant media attention – Print, Radio and Television.


Chitra is also working with an NGO KILIKILI as an advisor. KILIKILI works with the city and parents groups to further the cause of inclusive play in public parks and spaces. She also conducts accessibility audits and advices schools , institutions private or public in how to make their premises universally accessible.

Awards Won

  • NDTV DA Award 2016 - Architecture Award: Institutional

Residential (2) Institutional (1)
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