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Riddhima Sharma
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DelhiDelhiIndia, 110058

Words in my humblest opinion are the ultimate source of power, if used precariously and I believe in penning down, my meticulously choosen words, into the field of architecture, for having done my minors in it. 
Delving across the field of architecture, I developed my area of interest around the not-so famous but influential field of architecture journalism. No it is not a different field, it is a part of architecture even though many have this pre-concieved notion that it is a different field altogether but it is not. 
With this power of words by my side, I intend to reach across the masses on the observed and the unobserved issues of architecture, striving to make a mark.
"Let my work say it all!"

Can Start From

03 2018

Services Provided

Designing spaces, apart from the major in writing down on the issues of architecture along with writing down on architecture.


Architecture Journalism

Provide Services In

Design, Content Writing on architecture, Creative Writing

Key Projects

  • Seeds of Innocence as an intern architect under the reputed award winning firm, Studio-An-V-Thot based in Delhi.

An Ode to I.M. PEI, The Master of Modernism

“Life is architecture and architecture is the mirror of life.”- Ieoh Ming Pei Anyo...

Desolating Times in the History of Architecture

There has been an uproar nationwide with the recent saddening news, the incessant controversy of ...

Self Healing Concrete - Scars that actually fade!

Magic???? Sorcery????? No, its technology.  As the technology triumphs to proliferate at na...

Do's & Don'ts - An essential checklist for survival as an architecture student
Architectural Education

“Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light...

Top 10 Holiday Homes by Architects
Design Reviews

No more hassles over weekend trips! No more jet lags! Weekend home is the coolest vacation mantra...

Le Corbusier's teacher, Brian Brace Taylor Passes away.

An architectural historian, an excellent coach to some of the epic architects of their time, such...

The Dying Art of Sketching in Architecture
Expert Advice

“Do you have the ability to sketch?” “I want to be an architect but I can...

Design Chat

        “A portfolio is the mirror of an architect, portray...

Architect Walter Gropius : An Unsung Tale


In conversation with Nischal Abhaykumar and Jesal Pathak, Founders of M9 Design Studio
Young Turks

Our Young Turks this week are Ar. Nischal  Abhaykumar and Ar.Jesal Pathak , the founders of ...

Sir Norman Foster : Travel, Art and Architecture

With an immense scale of achievements to his credit, this 21st century starchitect has emerge...

The F.L. Wright Story

It takes lot more than dedication, to reach above everything in this artistic field, and that i...

Top 7 FAQ'S About Pritzker Prize
Architecture-Design Awards

1. What is the Pritzker Prize for Architecture? The Pritzker Architecture Prize is awarded ann...

Inside-Out or Outside-in: An ever raging debate in Architecture

As the world rushes into modernism, more and more architects are seen, as to be 'going back t...

Building Surfaces Produce Energy!
Sustainable Architecture

As the world’s demand and focus on renewable and non-polluting energy, together with energy...

When Hollywood Movie Up, Turned Real!
The Story of My Home

Hollywood animation movie, Up touched our hearts when we saw the elderly widower Carl, having s...

The tale of Monsoons and Baolis

Rains appeal to everyone. As monsoons, bring a smile upon each face after the scorching heat...

The Intertwined Paths of Yoga And Architecture

Thinking of the word “Yoga” our mind starts brainstorming a chain of thoughts su...

Design Case Study: Arora's Residence by Group DCA
Architectural Case Study

Fact  file:  Project: Arora's Residence  Location: New Delhi Firm:  ...

Architect Akshat Bhatt, Architecture Discipline - Take on Life and Work

On the outskirts of Bangalore, stands the highly felicitated Discovery Centre, an architectural e...

Design Talk with Bollywood Interior Designer Shabnam Gupta
Design Chat

Shabnam Gupta, is one of India's leading interior designers who has to her credit residential...

Interview: In Conversation with Ar. Sourabh Gupta, Managing Director at Studio Archohm
Tete-A-Tete with Experts

Sourabh Gupta is an architect, based in Noida and is among the prominent proponents of sustainabi...

Interview : In Conversation with Ar. Pratyush Prasan, Founder of SPP Architects and Designers
Young Turks

Pratyush Prasan is an architect based in Delhi NCR and is a prominent proponent of practicising &...

Interview : In Conversation with Ar. Prashant Pradhan, Founder of PPA (Prashant Pradhan Architects)
Young Turks

Prashant Pradhan(MCA, MIIA) the principal architect of Prashant Pradhan Architects is a graduate ...

Design Story of Residential Abode Kanan
Design & Decor Selfies

Courtesy Sandarbh Design Studio The story of this dwelling begun when Sonali and Gaurav approa...

In conversation with Gayatri Sekhri, creative head of Pomegranate Design
Young Turks

Gayatri Sekhri has made a name for herself in the art work over the years. Her natural dispositio...

Interview: In Conversation with Designer Manjeet & Anhad Bullar of Manjeet Bullar Design
Tete-A-Tete with Experts

Spearheading the pioneer Indian brand which envisions its own library of design and conceptualize...

Interview: In Conversation with Ar. Devyani Gupta & Ar. Nehit Vij of Intrigue Designs
Young Turks

Team Zingy Homes gets into a candid conversation with the talented duo Ar. Devyani Gupta & Ar...

Femme Force: A tribute to inspirational female architects and designers

Big names like Le Corbusier, Mies, Wright and Kahn often had equally inspired female peers, but t...

The Hiren Patel Story - Blending Art in Architecture
Tete-A-Tete with Experts

Hiren Patel Architects started out as a small firm in 1989 and has grown exponentially by accepti...

Interview: In conversation with Saket Sethi, Co-Founder at Archilogics
Tete-A-Tete with Experts

Spearheading the designer firmed based in Mumbai & Barcelona, Archilogics was brought into in...

Interview: In Conversation with Oscar & Ponni Architects
Tete-A-Tete with Experts

Architects Oscar & Ponni Concessao  are known for creating aesthetically pleasing and im...

My work with Ar. Romi Khosla
Design Chat

Presenting below a narrative design chat, where Ar. Riddhima (Team ZingyHomes) discusses with Ar....

In-depth conversation with Dr. Brinda Somaya on Life - Architecture and much more
Interviews with Thought Leaders

Brinda Somaya. She’s not just a starchitect and a designer of spectacular built forms. She&...

Interview with Designer Pragati Jain: When Culture meets Design
Tete-A-Tete with Experts

In-depth conversation with Designer Pragati Jain on Life, Design and Culture. We all know that...

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