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Simon Rastorguev
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Born in Yaroslavl, Russia, Simon graduated from the Yaroslavl State Technical University, Yaroslavl, Russia in the year 2004.  Since 2002 he has been a member of the architectural group "NMAXU".
Simon is the founder and editor in chief of the leading Russian online website about the conceptual architecture and architecture of the future "Chaos Research Center": He is also the co-founder of the "Vimania" architectural company

Prior to this, he was working from 2006 for 10 years as an architect in the architectural firm "Project Meganom", Moscow, Russia
Since 2012, Simon has been the curator of the architectural festival "Social Revolution", Yaroslavl, Russia. Organizer of the international architectural competitions.

Key projects include:

• 2005 — Hotel "Tsargrad", Yaroslavl (co-author of Tonino Guerra)
• 2007 — Project Meganom pavilion at the Arch Moscow exhibition, Moscow
• 2007 — Second Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art exposition, Moscow
• 2008 — Exposition space of the Persimfans exhibition, 1 Moscow Architecture Biennale, Moscow
• 2008 — Exposition space "BornHouse" at the Venice Biennale - San Stae, Venice
• 2016 — Parametric Residence - Uspenskoye, Moscow (under construction)
• 2017 — Exposition space "A Dispute on the Beard" - Yaroslavl Art Museum
• 2018 — Bitrix 24 office - Moscow

Awards Won

  • • 2002 — Winner of international architectural competition, "Atlas architecture Future" (project of Organic city)
  • • 2002 — Special Participant of XXI International Congress of Architects in Berlin
  • • 2004 — Winner of the Russian architectural com...
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