Frozen Monkey Restaurant and Lounge Design by Studio Osmosis - Case Study

Architectural Case Study Dated:  Dec. 7, 2015
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Frozen Monkey Restaurant Design

Project: Frozen Monkey restaurant and lounge
Location: E-square mall, Pune
Area: 4000 sf

There is no disagreement of opinion regarding the evolution of human society from the apes. ‘Frozen Monkey’ in E-square mall in Pune is yet another phenomenal adaption of this theory put to life in the most artistic way. The restaurant reflects the social behavior of the customer from its premature roots, bringing out the young, vibrant and lively nature. The funky restaurant successfully attracts the ‘social monkeys’ of age group 18 – 30 years with its use of fresh elements in form of colors, light fixtures, graphics, furniture, etc. The tagline ‘Forever Young’ is not only reflected in the spirit of the customers, but the design of the restaurant boldly announces its young ethos.

The restaurant distinctly justifies the name ‘Frozen Monkey’ and has incorporated it into their design. The planning of the areas has been disambiguated to static and active zone with respect to its activity. The static includes the private dining areas with less varying movements, while the active zone has the lounge and the bar. There is a constant dynamism in the planning with spaces rocking back and forth into active and frozen zones.

rafters ceilingRafters Ceiling

The site previously had an incompletely constructed pinewood rafters ceiling, which was continued as part of the present ceiling design. Wood elements have been suspended at various intervals to resemble a cave. The frozen concept has been abstracted interestingly in form of ‘stalactites and stalagmites’, as projected in caves. The experience of these abstract cave-like features, is appreciated at the entry in the bar area, and remotely in the private dining area. The other dining areas of the restaurant are brightly lit and have casual, pop-air about it.  The lights within these elements create a unique ambience, and have been used in the lounge and private dining area. The design of pine rafters have been mimicked at the bar back which also envelops the ceiling above it, enclosing the whole space as one. There is an interesting feature on the bar counter which has a faceted elevation depicting the cracking of ice. The most eye catching feature is the illuminated wall in the dining area, which has back lit tree art giving an interesting ambience to the dining space. It is an artistic abstraction of the dwelling and play area of the new social monkeys residing among the lit branches of this beautiful tree.

Frozen Monkey restaurantFrozen Monkey Restaurant

The Frozen Monkey restaurant and lounge had to be planned creatively and functionally keeping in mind multiple uses of the space at different times of the day as well as varied age groups ranging from youngsters to family crowd to office crowd as well as mall walk-ins.  The space served as lunch/dinner to a lounge and bar space as well as casual eating or after office hours other than private dining for larger groups. Also, flexibility had to be kept in case portion of the area is given out for small parties while dining goes on alongside. Also, the bar area would be expected to turn into buffet counters for Sunday brunches or events. Keeping all these factors in mind, the zoning and planning was done segregating flexible areas as well as fixed seating along peripheries. Light wooden latticed screens were used to demarcate these areas without creating actual partitions. The ceiling features also areas to create highlighter elements.

The color palette selected for ‘Frozen Monkey has fresh vibrant colors like blues, yellows and reds giving the restaurant and bar a chic -retro and pop look. The walls have quirky wall coverings and funky graphics to initiate fun conversation and atmosphere. The lighting fixture have been customized to resembles various traits of monkey and ‘monkey business’ like bunch of bananas, banana peels, tail of monkey and others.

Frozen Monkey Restaurant DesignFrozen Monkey Restaurant Design

The restaurant is tech-savvy like the clientele age it attracts. A socially active space had been created using everyday use of apps as a media to generate offers, to enable interaction not just within individual groups but with the rest of the crowd. Selfie booths have been specially designed and, twitter messages get being displayed on a large LED screen, showing the evolution of the ape to a high-tech social animal.

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