7 year life system

Berger Exterior Emulsions are excellent weatherproof barriers for the extrior walls of your home. India's tropical climate plays havoc with concrete masonry sturctures rendering them vulnerable to intense heat from the sun and heavy monsoons. As a result, these concrete masonry walls expand and contract, giving rise to hairline cracks.

Unlike typical exterior paints, Berger Exterior Emulsion forms a protective coating like a flexible blanket keeping the exterior masonry walls of your home safe and beautiful for years to come.

Below are the steps used in Berger Exterior Painting System with 7 years life.

7 Year Life System step one
An undercoat of Weathercoat Ext. Primer is applied

A coat of Weathercoat All Guard is done in Step 2
7 Year Life System step two

7 Year Life System step three
A second coat of Weathercoat All Guard is applied to finish the process

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