Building Materials

Doors & Windows View all

UPVC combination windows and doors

Price: Rs. 850/-

Engineered Burma Teak Doors

Price: On Request

Lift and Slide Door

Price: Rs. 810,000/-

Ceramic & Tiles View all

Floral Rug - 006

Price: On Request

Rosa Zarci Marble Tiles

Price: On Request

Sodalite Blue Marble Tiles

Price: On Request

External Walls and Facades View all

Designer Wall Panel#2

Price: Rs. 120/-

Cladding Solutions

Price: Rs. 1,200/-

Designer Wall Panel

Price: Rs. 110/-

Roofs & Ceilings View all

False Ceilings and Drywalls

Price: On Request

Ultra Square Acoustic Panels

Price: Rs. 99/-

Ultra Wood Acoustic Panels

Price: Rs. 99/-

Modular Pre-Engineered Construction Systems View all

High Frequency Welded Steel Structure

Price: On Request

Autoclaved Aerated Lightweight Concrete Panels

Price: On Request

MgO Sandwich Panels

Price: On Request