Casement Doors (NC 65 STH Doors)
Casement Doors (NC 65 STH Doors) Casement Doors (NC 65 STH Doors) Casement Doors (NC 65 STH Doors)

Casement Doors (NC 65 STH Doors)

The Metra entrance doors systems NC 65 STH Doors are the best answer to allperformance requirements.The exclusive range of original accessories ensure afast fabrication, resistance and perfect tightness, preventing from draughts and water infiltrations.It is also possible to apply insulating panels or totallyglazed sashes.

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Product Details
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions .
Other Specifications & Standards Compliance
1 Panel
2 Gasket for glazing and/or panel
3 Insulating bars
4 Tightness gasket
5 Frame
6 Thin hinge
7 Glazing bead
8 Sash
9 Door sill
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