CB AAC Blocks
CB AAC Blocks

CB AAC Blocks

We convert a mountain of ash into a heart-throb of desire. What we make is making our ecosystem a better place to live in. We are a recycling process where we consume the waste of power plants.
Our philosophy is of manufacturing quality products, ease of building and a trusted partner providing innovative solutions. We strongly believe in converting ecological graveyards to fashionable living places giving hope to our landscape without affecting the environment.

Standard Grade is extremely versatile and can be used below ground as infill for beam and block flooring systems and as above the ground in the walling applications listed. Our Standard size blocks have a higher transverse strength and are more easier to work with compared to the Plus size blocks. We strongly recommend the use of Standard size blocks.



Standard Grade

High Strength Grade

Face Size

440 mm x 215 mm


75 mm -300 mm

Compressive Strength

≥ 3.0 N/mm2

≥ 7.3 N/mm2

Thermal Conductivity

0.15 W/mK

0.19 W/mK


550 - 650 kg/m3

700 - 750 kg/m3

*As per IS:2185 (Part 3) - 1984

Internal and external leaf of cavity walls Solid walls Separating walls Partitions Multi storey buildings Foundations Beam and Block Floors Flanking walls
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Available Colors:* Size:   440*200*75-225

Reliance, Essar, JP Infrastructure, Backbone Construction, Vraj Infrastructure, National Construction Company, Jamnagar Municipal Corporation.

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Delivery Areas

Pan India

Price: Rs. 2,400/- CBM
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Product Details
Material Fly Ash based AAC blocks
Model Number CGL-CelBela
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 596.00 Kg
Product Dimensions 440*200*75-225
Other Specifications & Standards Compliance

*As per IS:2185 (Part 3) - 1984

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* Exact shades of color may not be available.