Circle of Light Ceiling Lighting Spots
Circle of Light Ceiling Lighting Spots Circle of Light Ceiling Lighting Spots Circle of Light Ceiling Lighting Spots

Circle of Light Ceiling Lighting Spots

A lighting system for indoor application comprised of a circular metal structure on which individual LED lighting spots are placed. The fitting is pre-wired and comes with a “Soft Architecture” type frame for an easy and seamless installation on the plasterboard ceiling.
The LED lighting modules are attached with a magnet for an easy mounting and for the maintenance no special tools are needed. The Circle of Light is available in three diameters: 300, 600 or 900mm comprised of 12, 24 or 36 Led Lighting Spots, according to each size.

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Available Colors:*
Size:   600 mm

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Product Details
Material Aluminium
Model Number SA.1050.1 + 08.8662.14
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 7.90 Kg
Product Dimensions 600 mm
Other Specifications & Standards Compliance

The LED Spotlight set for the Circle of Light is available for Accent Lighting or General Lighting optic concepts. Herewith this fitting offers a some flexibility to create the desired ambiance.

Light Sources:
300 mm diameter: Power LED - 12x3W: 185 lm - 2700K / CRI 90;
268 lm - 3000K / CRI 80
600 mm diameter: Power LED - 24x3W: 185 lm - 2700K / CRI 90;
268 lm - 3000K / CRI 80
900 mm diameter: Power LED - 36x3W: 185 lm - 2700K / CRI 90;
268 lm - 3000K / CRI 80.


Power Supply:
Remote equipment 24V 40W included.
Input 100-240VAC / A 50/60Hz; Output +24V / A.

Additional Information:
The connection of the power supply to the converter DC-DC is easy by using distribution boxes and a correct connection can be granted without any special tool. The distribution boxes are included. For further access to the power supply and to the connected converters DC-DC during maintenance the Circle Of Light has a front cover that can be easily removed and reinstalled.

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