Electrical Consultant

Electrical Consultant

Electrical Consultants  |   Ahmedabad , Gujarat, 380059

Our approach is a to provide best and economical in total Electrical service approach. We are dedicated to QUALITY AND COMMITMENT. We believe that our services starts when the client approaches us for the first time and never ends, even when his project objectives are not only achieved but actually realized or accomplished by him in technical and monetary terms. We believe that each client/project has his/its very specialized needs and we therefore workout tailor- made design to meet the need of each client and all conditions. Also product innovation is a continuous process based on the changing technical and economic situation. We design the projects which can best serve the need of our client in the best economical and efficient manner, rendering the optimum level of cost benefit and satisfaction.

Electrical Consultant Services
- Detailed designing in field of Electrical - Load calculation on basis of equipment load details. - Sizing of electrical equipment.(i.e.HT Panel,Transformer,D.G.Set,UPS,LT Panel,HT/LT cables). - Sub –station layouts - Earthing system design - SLD for power distribution scheme. - Preparation of Lighting layout with required lux level - LV system design.(i.e. Telephone,Data ) - Preparation of detail SOQ - Preparation Tender documentation & Estimation

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