Realco Power Projects

Realco Power Projects

Acoustic Consultants  |   Pune, Maharashtra, 411004

Realco Power has been Pioneering the use of Innovative Technologies, Based in Pune since 1998 Founded by & CEO Mr. Satish Ronghe. Our solutions are Custom-built for a wide range of Corporate, Industrial, Education, Hospitality and Residential applications. Realco Power is a Professional power solution Provider. Our prime strengths are in offering integrated converged Technologies Known for Power Backups , Heavy Engineering. Sound Barriers We are backed by the collective strengths of the world’s leading Technologies & our strong Expertise of In-house Solution Designing, Technical expertise, Project management and Consultants who are result oriented Realco has manufacturing capacity of products ranging from DG sets , DG sets assembling , Transmission Ducting HVAC, HSD Tanks Our manufacturing facility is equipped with latest Technology of Hydraulic Press, Punching machine , Notching and more. Ours is an ISO 9001 & CRISIL ratings certified Company . It is constantly engaged in delivering value to its global customers through innovative technologies, products and services.

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At Realco Power Projects, We offer turnkey projects, Acoustic solution, Insulation, HVAC, DG SET supply & Insulation, Hardfacing,Welding and Heavy Fabrication, Electrical for one stop-solution.
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