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Gautham Ravi Photography

Chennai Tamil NaduIndia, 600014

I'm a photographer based in Chennai, India who specialises in photographing Architecture and Industrial design works including Modern and historic spaces, Interior, Exterior and Industrial Portraits. Our Photography focuses on a perspective towards constructing the aesthetics of a space with spatial harmony. Understanding the sense of space in its continuity, spatial harmony between things is important for me in Architecture photography. Photography is an art of space, thus i strongly believe in observing the Rhythm and precise coordination of the image and its equilibrium guided by strong framing which would result in suggestive composition with depth . Being very much interested in Avant-garde, i find ways to add abstraction and unique aesthetics to the constructed space.

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Architectural Photography, Interior Design Photography, Real Estate Photography, Industrial Photography, Corporate Photography, Heritage photography, Hotel and public spaces photography For my works, please check my website gauthamravi.com


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