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MUMBAI MaharashtraIndia, 400022

We would like to introduce to you the special glass wall covering imported from Europe As per the discussion / enquiry of our product, we are sending you the details for your reference. Wings Glass Wall Covering is an Ideal product for Hospitals, Factories, Hotels, Restaurants, Commercial Establishments, Malls, Theatres, & residences etc. etc. To apprise you further we give below the salient features of WINGS the Glass Wall Coverings. WINGS glass wall covering is made by weaving textile glass yarn. Glass is melted to C and extruded as yarn. This yarn is then woven together as a fabric in various 3D design texture. It is then put through a process of stiffening for easy fixing on walls. WINGS is then fixed on to the wall using special irreversible adhesive like any other wall paper. After the adhesive is dry, WINGS glass wall covering is painted over with two coats of superior Poly Urethane paint with your choice of colour. This forms a perfect composite which solves many problems prevailing on walls. CRACK RESISTANT WINGS glass wall covering reinforces the wall. It is a known fact that glass is much stronger than steel when compared by weight to strength i.e. 1 kg of glass fabric is Stronger than 1 kg of Steel. NO FLAKING OF PAINT & WASHABLE The micro filament in WINGS glass wall covering reinforces the paint and reduces the flaking. It can therefore be washed, scrubbed and disinfected. BREATHABLE WALLS Due to its woven structure, the wall is kept breathable even after several coats of paint. By having breathable walls, the indoor air quality improves and keeps the wall dry. FIRE RESISTANT WINGS glass wall covering is fire resistant, it can melt but cannot burn. ANTISTATIC Glass does not conduct electricity so reduces static electricity in the room and also reduces the accumulation of dust on the walls. CONVENIENT & REPAINTABLE WINGS glass wall covering can be re-painted over the existing painted surface without scrapping the old paint or any application of lambi putty. It is a direct over-painting. ECO FRIENDLY - Glass fabric is an in - organic material which does not contaminate nor, does it pollute. Increases the life of the plaster, thus reducing debris in the land fill. ECONOMICAL - WINGS glass wall covering has a very long service life of 20+ years. Maintenance of fabric is also very easy. PROBLEM SOLVER WINGS glass wall covering has proved to solve 85% of all the wall problems. PLAIN / DESIGNED WINGS glass wall covering is sturdy and comes in PLAIN and attractive TEXTURED and also in designer range, for HOTELS, BANKS, HOSPITALS and OFFICES Get rid of old systems and usher in the modern innovative WINGS glass wall covering. In case you wish to know further details you may visit our site:- or Call at 14 Shahnawaz

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