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New YorkUSA, 11375

YANTRAM STUDIO, flourished out as a Global Brand in the world of Imagination and designing. Our Studio strongly represents our decade-old arduous journey to become a top-class renowned brand for 3D designing, envy to every studio in the CGI world. Since At YantramStudio, we proudly offer 3D Architectural (Exterior, Floor Plan - Interactive 3D Floor Plan, 2D Floor Plan, Rendering Images Walkthrough Animation) 3D Interior Design, Virtual Reality Application Development (Interactive Virtual Tour), Augmented Reality Apps Development, 3D Medical Animation, Corporate Animated Video Production , Movie and Game Character Modeling and Animation, 360 Degree Panoramic Tour and Product Modeling & Animation. We take pride in offering the highest quality of Architectural / Entertainment Industry. We integrated Latest touch screen Technology like Wearable Device, Google Cardboard, Oculus and Hand Tracking Services for 3D Game Design Technology.

Services Provided

Architectural Rendering Services Exterior rendering services 3d interior designers Virtual Reality walkthrough services 3d interior designers

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Yantram Architectural Design Studio

Architectural walkthrough Presentation video of Home- House Interior & exterior virtual tour 3dsmax 1 Photos

Yantram Architectural Design Studio

3d walkthrough of architectural walkthrough Apartment Interior & Exterior design by 3d walkthrough services Los Angeles, California 2 Photos

Yantram Architectural Design Studio

Realistic Sofa Chair Modeling & 3d Product Modeling service by architectural and design services, Dubai UAE 1 Photos


Commercial large Data Storage Room 3D virtual floor Plan design by Architectural visualisation studio, Texas - USA 1 Photos

Apartment Community Exterior Design Rendering by Yantram Architectural Modeling Firm

Apartment Community 3D Interior & Exterior Rendering by Architectural Design Studio 2 Photos


Attractive Small Home Design 3D Floor plan By Yantarm Architectural Rendering Company, Belize - USA 2 Photos


Modern Community Apartments Amenities 3D Interior Rendering Services by Yantram Architectural Studio, Moscow - Russia 4 Photos


Rubra Coffee Shop 3D Exterior Design by Yantram Architectural Visualization Studio, Dubai - UAE 1 Photos


Mansha Sweet Center Design By Yantram Interior Architectural Visualization Studio, Qatar - Brussels 4 Photos


3D Exterior Rendering Services for Community Apartment by Yantram Architectural Studio, Australia - Melbourne 1 Photos


3d exterior rendering services and 3d animation showroom for a commercial space by architectural Studio, New York USA 1 Photos


Contemporary, minimalist Office Reception Desk 3D Interior Designers by Architectural Animation Services 1 Photos


Professional 3D Virtual Floor Plan of Apartment's Rooftop Design with Terrace ideas by architectural design studio 1 Photos


Contemporary Sky Scene Exterior Architectural Rendering High-Rise landscaping View by 3D Architectural Design, Dallas USA 1 Photos

Yantram Architectural Design Studio

Interactive Web Base Real Estate Architecture of VR Development by 3D Walkthrough Services, Rome Italy 3 Photos


Unique Game Zone with Beach side Swimming Pool 3D Floor Plan Rendering Service by Architectural Visualisation Studio, Paris France 1 Photos


Gorgeous Courtyard Landscape Pool View 2 Photos


Active Old Age living Residential Community of 3D Exterior Designers by Architectural Design Studio, Toronto Canada 4 Photos

Top Modern Bathroom Design Ideas of Interior Design for Home by Architectural Animation Services

Impressive Residential Interior Design for Home by 3D Animation Studio, Brisbane Australia 5 Photos

Yantram Architectural Design Studio

Immersive & Interactive real estate vr Apps Development by Virtual Reality Studio, Doha Qatar 1 Photos

Yantram Architectural Design Studio

Modern Video Game, Wine Room & Impressive lobby Ideas to enhance 3D Interior Modelling by Architectural Rendering Companies , Vegas USA 3 Photos

Yantram Architectural Design Studio

Cut Section Of 3D Floor Plan Residential Apartment 1 Photos

Yantram Architectural Design Studio

Beautiful container home 3D Exterior design by Architectural Animation Services, San Diego, California 1 Photos


Open Plan Interior Design for Modern Kitchen Living Room 3D Interior Rendering Services by Architectural Design Studio, Rome Italy 1 Photos

Flat Roof Landscaping Exterior House Concept of Exterior Rendering Services by Architectural Design Studio, London UK 1 Photos


Classic Residential Exterior Landscaping Street House & Pool View of 3D Exterior Rendering Services by Architectural Animation Studio, Toronto Canada 2 Photos


Romantic Night View Of Waterside Villa 3D Exterior Modelling By Yantram 3D Animation Studio, Sydney-Australia 1 Photos

3D House Floor plan Design ideas.

A Famous Finishing For 3D House Floor plan by Yantram virtual floor Plan Amsterdam. 1 Photos

Semi-Modern Villa Exterior Design

Ultra Semi-Modern Villa architectural studio ideas by 3d exterior design companies Berlin. 1 Photos

3D Exterior Modeling Rendering Design Ideas by Yantram Architectural Studio Provider

The Informal House design ideas 1 Photos

The Best Church Exterior Designs Ideas

Modern Church Exterior Designs Ideas by Yantram architectural rendering studio Dubai, UAE 1 Photos

Restaurant Lounge And Bar View Interior Design Rendering Dining Hall Room ideas

Lounge Bar - Restaurant Rendering by Yantram 3d interior rendering services Brussels 2 Photos

Modern Exterior House Rendering

The Most Stunning Exterior House Design Ideas by Yantram architectural rendering service Manchester, UK 1 Photos

Small House Rendering Landscape Design Ideas Rendering Modern

Cut Section of exterior house to make each area visible from front Ideas by Yantram architectural visualization firms Boston, USA 2 Photos

3D Hotel lobby Interior Design

Creative Hotel Lobby - Waiting Area by Yantram interior design firms San Francisco, USA 2 Photos

Aerial View Site Plan 3D architectural rendering companies Rendering Ideas

Creative Aerial view Site ideas by Yantram architectural rendering companies Liverpool, UK 1 Photos

Modern House Exterior Design Ideas Natural Landscape by 3d architectural visualisation Egypt

Semi-Traditional Exterior House ideas by architectural 3d rendering Brussels 1 Photos

3D Floor design of the Sets for The Office

Details of floor Plan design companies of the Sets for The Office in Virginia, USA 1 Photos

Interior Design For Beach Home

Masterpieces Exterior - Interior Beach House ideas by 3d building drawing Bern 2 Photos

Roof top Design Ideas Evening Scene

Commercial for all provided facility Concept Ideas by Yantram 3d architectural visualisation Chicago, USA 7 Photos


Rooftop Lounge 3D Rendering Evening View by Yantram 3d architectural visualisation Perth, Aurtralia 1 Photos

Ground Floor plan services

3D Floor Plan of 3 Story House with Cut-Section View by Yantram architectural design studio Amsterdam 3 Photos

Small House Design Ideas Front Exterior Rendering by Yantram architectural visualisation studio Atlanta

Small House Design Ideas Front Exterior Rendering by Yantram architectural rendering service Atlanta 1 Photos

Fully Modern 3D Floor Plan Design Ideas By Yantram architectural design studio Milan, Italy 4 Photos


Unique Office Design and Modern Commercial Building Animation by Yantram Architectural Design Services Morocco 1 Photos


3D Rendering of Bird Eyes view, Design ideas by Yantram Architectural studio Bern Switzerland 1 Photos

Arial View Exterior Rendering design Ideas

A complete set of a entire community for presentation by Yantram Architectural Design Studio Perth Australia 1 Photos


Modern Office Interior Design Ideas for Kitchen, Pantry and Waiting Areas by Yantram Interior Concept Drawings 3 Photos

3D Cut Section Design

3D Cut Section Design of Multi Family Home by Yantram floor plan designer 1 Photos

Residential 3D Interior Bathroom House Renderings Design Canberra

Luxury Residential 3D Interior Modeling House 2 Photos

The contemporary Living Room 3D Interior Designers

Traditional Living - Bed Room Home Renderings 2 Photos

Creative ideas For A Bathroom Interior Design For Home

The Modern Concepts For A Bathroom 3D Interior Designers 1 Photos

Commercial Architectural Rendering Companies Front view - Netherlands

Commercial Architectural Building Rendering Studio Netherlands 2 Photos

Dream House Residential Architectural and Design Services

Dream House Architectural Modeling Firm View for your USA Property 2 Photos

Modern Bedroom Architectural Studio For Your Home

Modern Bedroom Architectural and Design Services For Your Home 2 Photos

The Global Kitchen Interior Design Firms in UK

Creative Combined Living - Kitchen Interior Design Firms 2 Photos

Amazing Kitchen Interior Rendering Tips and Tricks

Thinking about Amazing Kitchen Interior Rendering Ideas 2 Photos

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