DecoPalm Paneling
DecoPalm Paneling

DecoPalm Paneling

DecoPalm is a line of premium, contemporary, three-dimensional wall paneling products manufactured from reclaimed palm wood that delivers a unique, multi-textural surface. Its rustic but modern lines contrast well with contemporary materials like steel, glass and concrete.

Palm offers a broad range of tones and grains that energize a space like no other natural material, providing a great look and feel for a wide range of interior environments from hospitality and retail to educational and institutional.


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Pan India

Price: Rs. 5,400/-
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Product Details
Model Number SP-648PPN-NAUF
Other Specifications & Standards Compliance


Color: Coconut Palm
Material: 100% Palm
Size: 3/4" x 6" x 48"
Weight: 8 lbs
Surface Texture:Deco, Oil/Wax Finish
Fire Resistance Classification: Class C
IEQc Low-emitting materials (no-added urea-formaldehyde)
Emission Testing - CA Section * Protocol: No VOC’s with chronic REL’s (reference exposure level) detected; passes office, school, and residential criteria
SP-648PPN-NAUF(no added formaldehyde)
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