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Index Fairs Delhi 2019

Pragati Maidan, Near Delhi Zoological Park, Mathura Road
New Delhi, Delhi India

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About the Event

Index fairs is a leading international trade fair and India's largest focused commercial platform on interiors, architecture and design, bringing together suppliers and buyers in a design atmosphere. A pioneer in its segment, this trade fair will be hosting its 31st edition in Mumbai in 2019. The industry has grown, new and big international players have entered the markets, and the scope of doing business has evolved with both exhibitors and organizers becoming more professional.

Since the British colonial era, Mumbai has been the most beloved canvas for modern architecture. The best names among interior designers, architects, and industry avant-garde have been from this city. Index trade fair, touching 3 decades, has successfully maintained its position as the leading International B2B trade fair in India in the competitive chart of trade fairs in India. It has played a strategic role in shaping the industry landscape of India since the last 29 years despite the growth of other trade fairs in India. It continues to catalyze the industry growth by helping new players enter the marketplace, increase brand awareness and visibility and get noticed by the largest design community in the country.

The aim of Index trade fair and the philosophy of the international trade fair is not just selling space, but also creating a confluence of ideas, inspirations and most importantly, EXPERIENCES - Experiences that are rich in design - Experiences that transform businesses and bring designers, artists and architects to the forefront of the industry, on a platform where the world can see and appreciate fresh thoughts. Exhibitors from around the globe come here to showcase their products. Similarly, the corporate, builders, architectural houses, freelance designers, and the elite attend the trade fair to experience the latest innovations and procure what works best for them. After all, Index means business.

Time Details

Aug. 2, 2019 - Aug. 4, 2019
9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Venue Details

Pragati Maidan, Near Delhi Zoological Park, Mathura Road, New Delhi, Delhi, India