Ar Bindu Narayan

Tete-A-Tete with Experts Dated:  June 27, 2014
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Architect: Bindu Narayan

Interviewing Ar Bindu Narayan was something I was really looking forward to and would like to thank her for taking out time to give us insights into her style of decor and designing. Ms Bindu who has a rich experience in Architecture believes in sustainable architecture that support minimal impact on the environment. Many of her projects have got accolades for their humanistic and creative approach. Here's what we got to know of her through a brief tete-a-tete:  

Some Personal Information that you would like to share.
I got interested in architecture in senior school in Delhi and have never regretted it since. I love various forms of arts, music and creative pursuits. Though unfortunately there is less and less time for things like going to a musical concert or an art exhibition now. 

When did you first start your practice and what kind of projects have you been doing?
Started my practice after my elder daughter was born and our projects include a mix of hospitality, residences and apartment projects. We prefer to do the architecture and interior design for our projects to ensure the design language stays constant.

Tell us something about your approach to your projects.
Ours is you can say a multi layered approach to create a meaningful and honest space. Its like creating a piece of sculpture, you do not know the end result when you start but you keep chipping away, polishing, resolving till you achieve something which you are and of course the client is happy with! By multi layered approach I mean, you have the creative, the visual the functional, materials, lighting, sustainability and sometimes vaastu etc all woven into and addressed to appropriately in the designed end product. 

What defines your style?
Contemporary, clean lines, easy to execute & maintain, peppered with few surprise elements and of course

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Which kind of projects do you enjoy the most?
Surely, the preference will be for projects where there’s more scope for creative expression.

Who/what inspires you and your works?
Well I seek inspiration from any one or anything which is addressing the higher emotions and values in us as human beings. One person in particular I look up to is Dr Daisaku Ikeda – a world poet laureate and Buddhist philosopher.

Do you feel architects and designers should be concerned about environmental sustainability?
Yes absolutely, though in my experience, the challenge has been convincing the client about the need for same.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?
Well, as a woman architect, unfortunately your expertise is not taken for granted; you still need to prove your professional worth over and over again.

What drives you?
We are born into this world to create happiness and to contribute to the best of our ability. We must leave it a better person than what we came as and a better world than we inherited.

Any words of wisdom for youngsters starting out today.
Please build a strong foundation in your youth. Have the courage to follow your passion and be prepared to put in the

work. Happiness is not something that is outside your life.

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