Interview: In Conversation with Designer Manjeet & Anhad Bullar of Manjeet Bullar Design

Tete-A-Tete with Experts Dated:  Jan. 12, 2018
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Courtesy Manjeet Bullar Design

Spearheading the pioneer Indian brand which envisions its own library of design and conceptualizes its methodologies to develop products, celebrated designer Manjeet Bullar brings a fresh new vocabulary to architecture, multidisciplinary in nature carefully coupled with a rich Indian factor. With a strong sense of belongingness towards Indian culture continued in his lifestyle as well, he is connected with the roots which can be sensed in his traditional yet contemporary-styled designs.

A true reflection of her father, Anhad Bullar, luxury specialist, has aced a Master of Arts in International Business at the University of Edinburgh with a specialized degree in Luxury and Lifestyle from Polimoda in Florence. She successfully carries forward the legacy of her parent brand, Manjeet Bullar Designs adding her vibrant young influences to it.

Widely regarded as one of the leading designers in the various sectors of luxurious design services nationwide, read on to know what the father-daughter duo has to say about the firm's style, philosophy, and approach towards design and luxury.

Manjeet Bullar Designs is a multifaceted design firm, which not only deals with the design but handles manufacturing of unique, detailed products as well. Could you elaborate your unique design philosophy and how it reflects in the key works done by your firm?

Our design philosophy has always been to create something, which hasn’t been seen before. Each and everything whether a design, an art object, a building, a piece of furniture or even an idea; has been conceived and conceptualized to the desires of our clients. We take pride in making something new for everyone who comes to us with his or her requirements. We are one of the few brands in the country who do everything in-house, our conceptualization of designs, then the efficient manufacturing and postproduction service is done in a manner whereby the client doesn’t need to go anywhere else.

What made you opt for ‘Architecture’ as a career, having a hardcore army background? How has your work and firm evolved over the time?

My background has been in fields of study such as Anthropology and English literature and then being an Army kid, I always wanted to experience the life in the forces. I served in the Army for ten years before I decided to listen to my heart and pursue my ambitions of designing art objects. My wife Tanjeet, an interior designer has been a huge help for me to create the brand we have now. Ours is a family business, we love working with the strengths we have within the family, so the major evolution continues with new generations coming in to join us and expanding our wings in new directions.

Manjeet Bullar Design uses “history is now” as a dictum in undertaking art and design projects that include architecture, interior design, furniture design and the other subparts. Could you elaborate your thoughts on it?

The idea has always been to create something new for the everlasting future, being inspired by the history of arts and crafts. We are blessed to have been exposed to the numerous talents in terms of artistry/ craftsmanship and cultural handicrafts in India, so it has always been to utilize the talent and convert it into a commercially viable product and creating lasting value driven products.

Your residential abode located over the golf course road, itself is a masterpiece composed of design and details has an aura of making one go down the memory lane with its display of rich heritage and culture. Could you both share your viewpoints on it, what made you draw to such commissions?

The vision was to create a home, which showcases the capacity of our product range is so versatile, whether a contemporary grey wall holding large black and white photographic art placed behind an old world heavily hand carved four-seater sofa, or a hand-painted wall mural used with a chandelier made entirely with jewelry pearls. It is only a humble abode for us to showcase what we really are, and what our brand really stands for. We are a truly Indian brand with the parameter of aesthetics, contemporary on the skin, and classic by blood.

Luxury does not mean fancy construction materials or flamboyant installations, but spaciousness, diverse usability and the availability of options. Briefly state your opinions about it.

Luxury is a state of mind; it changes constantly and develops with time. Luxury to us means to be able to deliver the client what he truly desires. Whether expensive materials or an extremely well-planned space; it is just our duty to deliver with the needs and wants to be kept in mind and Luxury is just the way things are made with our aesthetic and quality.

In your opinion what are some of the loopholes that the designers get trapped in while designing luxury projects?

Courtesy Manjeet Bullar Design Studio

Designers often mistake the term luxury for expensive, even though most of the times it’s true, it is not always the case. The purpose of a product/ design should always be clear, it is important to create a product, which will last the test of time. This is key in delivering a long-lasting project to a client, to know when to use what materials and combine them with the right ergonomically correct design.

It has been seen in your projects that you like to fuse modernism with Indian heritage and local crafts. What makes you conceive of this notion?

Courtesy Manjeet Bullar Design Studio

That is in our blood like I said, we are a truly Indian brand that knows the world, but knows our roots. We combine our assets in terms of cultural talent and handicraft techniques, with the modernity of new age raw materials and technology. This is why we can sustain the ever-evolving trends of design. We stick to our knitting and deliver what we know best.

Your opinions during a recent panel session on design and luxury, reflected a hint towards the roots and the common man. How do both of you relate the heritage, luxury with roots/culture?

Oh absolutely! We are nothing without our heritage and roots, like I mentioned, to grow in life; we have to know where we belong. Especially in India, we must appreciate the likes and desires of the common man, only then can we achieve the success we desire from the ones who’ve made it big already.

Zingy Five:

  • A project close to your heart. Why?
    Our home in DLF, because I got the opportunity to showcase some of my art collection and series of collectibles I’ve been collecting since I was a child.
Courtesy Manjeet Bullar Design Studio
  • Your most challenging design project. Briefly share the challenges and how you overcame them.
    Literally, each new project gives us new challenges; we, in fact, love taking up projects like that. We are known to deliver and decipher solutions for any complicated and challenging projects.

  • Favorite “Archi-read” / Book.
    The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand
  • A dream project, you wish you had designed.
    We must learn from the best and create better.
  • Your words of wisdom to the young aspirants out there.
    Follow your dreams, learn from your mistakes and stay humble.
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