Dipen Gada Interior Designer and Founder of Dipen Gada and Associates

Tete-A-Tete with Experts Dated:  May 4, 2015
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Interior Designer: Dipen Gada

Architect and Interior Designer Dipen Gada, founder of Dipen Gada and Associates (DGA), began his architectural and decorating quest based solely on his instincts. Since he was very young, Gada always had inclination towards aesthetics and design. Infact, even while he was studying engineering, his area of interest always used to be "planning". "My initial tryst with interiors started with a commission work handed over to me by my cousin. It required remodelling of a residential space which of course, I handled based on my instincts. Surprisingly, the aesthetics of the space were appreciated by the owners and their friends. And with appreciation came a few inquiries coupled with lots of hope and more work," says Gada with enthusiasm in his voice.

Going down the memory lane, Gada recalls the amount of time and hard work he had invested in his first project was tremendous. "I guess my addiction to fulfil client's fundamental tactile and psychological needs on the level of practicality and comfort appealed everyone. My sense of aesthetics just proved to be a cherry on top," he says.

Living RoomLiving Room - Peep House

Gradually with passing years and every new project accomplished successfully, DGA evolved from an exclusive interior design firm to an architectural firm and today the firm has attained the position as one of the most reputed firms of Baroda. Since its inception in 1993, DGA has made its presence felt through innovative and timeless designs. "At DGA, each project is considered to be a milestone in itself. The focus of the firm has always been to put the best foot forward and create a space that would be recognised for its innovation and experience. And this we try to achieve through simple yet bold language of stark minimalism. Our aim is to leave an influence on the globe through responsible and responsive architecture," explains Gada who draws inspiration for his work from everywhere to everything.

Shop interiorsShop Interiors - Mayuri, Bharuch

For Gada before being an architect or an interior designer, one has to be a designer; bound by no restrictions. "Definitely, I firmly believe that the design should be functionally, logically and aesthetically appealing, environment-friendly and for the betterment of society," he says.

Gada likes to be a minimalistic at work. He has always looked up to Tadao Ando for the minimalism in his work and Geoffrey Bawa

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his nature blending designs. "Classic minimalism is what I follow and maintain in each project I undertake. I also believe in respecting the natural materials and the uniqueness of each element. I like to explore each element with its qualities and adapt it to our client's requirement. In fact, all my designs maintain a fine balance between aesthetics and functionality with amalgamation of architecture, art and design," he adds.

Though the firm has done a lot of interesting and successful projects, Peep house, Lambhvella home, Cube house and a few retail showrooms are the designer's personal favourite. "Basically, the freedom, that I got from my clients make these projects extra special to me," he says.

Shop interiorsBathroom - Bathworld, Baroda

Designing has always been Gada's first love. And he enjoys every bit of adulation that comes with the success of his projects. Of course, the work gets challenging at times but then challenges lead to more opportunities. "If there are no challenges, there is neither fun nor growth. Like in one of the projects, the house warming was coming near and it was impossible to have green lawn in the outdoor space of the residence. Amidst

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chaos, I came up with a solution of filling the entire deck with marble chips and re-proposed it as a zen garden. Henceforth it proved a wise decision for the entire enchanted ambience," he recalls.

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