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"I am really thankful to Zingy Homes and the team who helped us to find few great interior designers at such a short note. On behalf of Galgotias Group I thank you for helping us to spread colors and creativity at our work place. Keep designing the world!"

- Kiran Verma,
Galgotias Group

Rishiraj Khare
Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, India-495001

Interior designer Mr. Rishiraj Khare who heads Inspire Design and Associates, dreams of making every space a better one to live in by his innovative and contemporary designs. Known for his out-of-box thinking, he conceptualizes in modern interior designing which is often infused with a few antique and traditional styles and placement of such materials. ... see more

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Jasmine Bano
Bilaspur, India

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