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Acoustic Proofing Enclosure and Acoustical Curtain to Solution

#1  July 30, 2019 20:53:13

Alok Pujari
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Acoustic Proofing Enclosure and Acoustical Curtain to Solution

How To's

SoundBlanketCurtain is located in Guangzhou city of Guangdong province, where can be called the hometown of acoustic insulation materials in China. With production capacity of above 100,000 m2 per year, our company specializes in producing noise blanket and sound curtain, which are widely used in construction industry as the flexible noise control solution all over the world.

Acoustical Proofing Enclosure and Acoustic Curtains to Solution


Exterior Sound Blankets Fashion Style PVC Noise Reduction Curtain Ring
China Wholesale Websites Decorative Turkish Window Sound Proof Curtain
Fiberglass Insulation Blankets for Thermal Efficiency And Noise Reduction
Factory Directly Provide High Quality Noise Reduction Waterproof Fabric Curtain

As a result of our high quality products and outstanding customer service, we have gained a global sales network reaching Curitiba Brazil, Buffalo United States, Frankfurt Germany, Copenhagen Denmark, Istanbul Turkey, Shizuoka Japan, Kingston-upon-Hull United Kingdom, Kinshasa DR Congo, Nairobi Kenya, Cracow Poland, Cape Town South Africa, Salt Lake City United States, etc.

Base on the rich and quality resources of China, SoundBlanketCurtain is to provide the high quality sound curtains and noise blanket products for all friends over the world. Working with SoundBlanketCurtain is your right choice due to our excellent designs, stable and good quality, competitive price, punctual shipment and perfect and professional sales service!

The noise cancelling curtains are widely used in generators noise, audio noise control, gas operations noise, sound barrier curtain, outdoor construction sites, event barrier rental service, cooling units for data center, movable acoustic curtains screens, etc.

Tag: acoustic sound blankets, blankets as curtains, isolation blanket, noise reduction blanket, thick curtain material

Our URL: https://#


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