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Decorative Wood Wool Noise Absorbing Acoustic Panel for Walls

#1  Nov. 12, 2018 09:50:12

Rahul KS
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Decorative Wood Wool Noise Absorbing Acoustic Panel for Walls

Projects & Construction

Decorative Wood Wool Noise Absorbing Acoustic Panel for Walls

We can give you the reply in 24 hours with our professional suggestions. Our wood wool cement board production facilities have the world's advanced production machines, which enable us to guarantee the quick delivery on clients' orders while control the product's quality.

Decoration Wood Wool Noise Absorbing Acoustical Panels for Walls
1.Innovative and nice looking
2.Excellent acoustic performance
3.Environmental friendly
4.Improve voice intelligibility


Decorative Acoustic Panel Cement Wood Fiber Acoustic Panels Wood Wool Cement Board
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Wood Fiber Cement Board False Ceiling Design Gypsum
Wood Fiber Cement Board Plaster Ceiling Tiles Acoustic Material

Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Denver United States, Hamburg Germany, Patna India, Algiers Algeria, Okayama Japan, Birmingham United Kingdom, Toronto Canada, Amsterdam Netherlands, Singapore, Zürich Switzerland, Fresno United States, etc.

Our Cheapest Wood Wool Cement Absorption Panel Ceiling Tiles for Sound System are widely used in hotel, restaurant, gymnasium, airport, sports center, tea house, function room, the court, and so on.

Some of our wood ceiling panels projects include Shantou Chenghai Theater, Henan Convention Center, Jiangxi Education Bureau, Yunnan Provincial People's Congress Office, Kunming Haiphong Conference Center, Suzhou High-Tech Zone Science and Technology Building, etc.

Visit: https://#



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