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New Institute - Institute of Urban Sciences & Design

#1  May 16, 2015 11:00:33

Rishi Dev Architects & Associates
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New Institute - Institute of Urban Sciences & Design

Know Your City Walks

Dear friends,

The discipline of “design” unravels a journey full of adventure, fulfillment and transformation for anyone who is willing to break all shackles binding imagination and creativity.

My tryst with design has also added to my person immensely. Yet, truly speaking, the insatiable desire to achieve the yet unachieved remains deeply imbedded. This is simply because we have stopped producing extraordinary work. It is universal that – “Only when diverse disciplines are successfully made to child together, do they synthesize an embryo of the true simple essence of their respective complex natures.”

You will agree with me that both our profession as well as the education system in which we find ourselves enmeshed has become fragmented, divided, myopic and archaic. The level of despair, disorientation and frustration in our students is indescribable and they can’t be blamed for these, for we witness the talented unemployed.

We do seek truth and honesty, creativity and originality, but are unable to create the conducive intellectual, social and physical environment for these. Our contemporary state of know-how is inadequate and incomplete. We may have become experts and specialists, but we know that we have forgotten the fundamental knowledge.

The reason behind this apathy is simple – We have ceased to be a passionate community which constantly and fearlessly seeks collective evolution.

It is time to try and change.

So we got together and started this new venture called – Institute of Urban Sciences & Design (IUSD). I am pleased to inform all my friends, colleagues and students that an initiative in redefining conventional education has been undertaken, in the name of IUSD, with the aim to explore the unchartered dimensions in the realm of what we teach and practice.

To achieve this mammoth of a task, the team at IUSD, seeks the support and wishes of its academic colleagues, both individuals and institutions, across disciplines – for we believe in simultaneous individual and collective evolution

So let us explore together and find out what’s on the other side of what we know.


#2  May 26, 2015 15:46:20

wasim siddique
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New Institute - Institute of Urban Sciences & Design

Know Your City Walks



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