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Partnership for Green Estate Development across Africa for Low income earners

#1  Sept. 1, 2016 09:26:41

Anthony Bosun Osibajo None
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Partnership for Green Estate Development across Africa for Low income earners

Urban Planning & Infrastructure




It's my pleasure to write you on our infrastructure project we are looking forward to develop across four African countries.
We are starting with Rep of Benin, we have secured the land and we are in serious discussion with a big Chinese company for the construction development using containers to build a low cost homes but luxury with state of art technology.
The estate will be named Container Garden Estate, it will have the following facilities: Mini Shopping Mall, Mini Sport Center, Gym center, 24/7 Restaurant, Hospital, swimming pools, Gardens.
The home appliances can be remotely control, the entrance door will be developed in such as to open remotely for visitor by home owner while away. Also the other appliances can be operate remotely. The power energy for the estate will be off grid system using solar modular system, we are developing the building in such away to generates its power and also conserved water (Zero Emission Building) reducing emission into the environment.
 As we are looking to have 1 bedroom apartment, two bedroom and three bedroom apart fully furnished with all home appliances. This is to bring affordable and luxury homes to our people, as we believe with luxury homes people will be more efficient and contribute to the development of the country.
I will be glad to answer further question as you may have for us.
Dir of Operations
Osquare Teck Ltd
Anthony Bosun Osibajo
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