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pop contract

#1  March 30, 2015 23:22:03

kamar khan
Registered: 2015-03-30
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pop contract

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i am a pop contractor if have any type of pop contract or false ceiling contract kindly call me on 7208059655 or else 9820567247

we will give u our best and best quotes 


#2  May 26, 2015 15:39:21

wasim siddique
Registered: 2015-05-25
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pop contract

Promotions & Special Offers




Windermax  High Pressure Laminates HPL are the 

exterior  grade panels  with extremely  effective 

weather  proactive coating  consist of double 

hardened acrylic polyurethane resins .They are 

produced In laminates presses under  high 

pressure at high  temperature.  it can be used on 

the façade application of high end  societies and 

villas commercial , complex , shopping malls , 

hospitals , fast food outlets  and high end 

resorts with features like free resistance , 

scratch resistance, UV resistance, stain 

resistance, heat sound  and thermal  insulation  

properties these  panels  are  not only durable  

in nature but also look very elegant and 

aesthetic . Since panels are compressed under 

120/mpa/cm cube hence the molecular compaction of 

the mass prevents on the surface more 

significantly the thermal and heat insulation 

properties help in conserving electricity and 

thus maintain consistent temperatures indoors.

Specializes in wallpaper, laminated flooring and 

HPL industry. As a requirement of specialization 

are working with worldwide leading manufacturers. 

Any innovation for our customers are able to 

follow very closely.

Since its inception WINDERMAX HPL wallpaper, 

laminated flooring and HPL to be supplied in 

cooperation with the firm has, We import 

products, consumer needs are used for both 

commercial and residential projects. As customers 

demand for the architecture world also provide 


Representatives specializing in Berlin (Germany) 

and Istanbul (Turkey) with the service you offer.

Wasim Siddique
9990178282, 9643094289


#3  April 9, 2019 12:46:25

atiyeh arjman
Registered: 2019-04-09
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pop contract

Promotions & Special Offers

Please see the Iranian interior architecture at the following site



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