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Student ID Project -> Need Help!

#1  July 16, 2018 16:25:00

Noam Kahn
Registered: 2018-07-16
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Student ID Project -> Need Help!

Student's Corner

My name is Noam and I'm a college student working on a start-up project for interior designers.

We are in the stages of developing the beta version of "Artista" - An online platform that matches interior designers to the most suitable artwork to their space through a visual algorithm and personal preferences.

We want your opinion on our idea and landing page. After taking a look, can you help us answer two brief questions?

(1) What kind of feature would you like to see on such a platform?

(2) Would you like to join our pilot and help us design a product that's perfect for your needs?

All the best,

~Noam and the "Artista" Group




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