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Why my pan card application rejected again and again?

#1  Feb. 5, 2019 13:00:25

Baalkrishan Thaman
Registered: 2019-02-05
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Why my pan card application rejected again and again?

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Hi i am getting more pressure for applying pan card as failed. I have trying 3 times for applying new pan card in online. But i got answer as rejected. Why and what is the reason for my application rejected? I need to know the correct answer. How to find that the problem for that? What are the reasons are applicable for application rejection? Please tell me here. I am not happy for those issues. My sister is also want to apply new pan card. She got already but it is lost their pan card. How to get lost pan card application online? I have submitted all required documents and details correctly.

But it is not supporting to get the pan card. I have fill application as all types of fields and given address and name etc. Please send me the details for important to get the pan card from online. I need to recheck my application now. Shall i see my rejected application in online? I have get login details and acknowledgement number also. I have getting more chances for applying new pan card. Very first time i have entered the wrong pin code in application. So first time application was rejected.

And second times i have filled the all details are in correct manner. And i have rechecked the details once. But why the application gets rejected? Third is also my application rejected? Oh my god! Please tell me the way and successful to submit that.  I have checked all my details with my submitted proofs. All are same. I need the list of pan card problem and proper solution here. It is needed for me and my friends. They are also getting some issues for submitting their pan card in online. Share your supportive points and correct solution for me


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