Tusons specializes in furniture products, we manufacture furniture that gets appreciated by everyone while remaining friendly with your pockets. We do not work on set designs or piled up products, we’re a bespoke furniture designing and manufacturing company. Whatever the design idea you have or a theme bring it us and we’ll design your exclusive segment of furniture. 

Tusons is different from your regular furniture shop or wholesaler or carpenter, we follow standards that normally applicates to export quality furnitures and with that we make sure that our pricing do not burn holes in your pockets. 

Tusons works' in unison with the latest technologies in wood crafting and with the skilled craftsmanship of human hands. We follow high standards right from procuring the woods until the final product is delivered. There are pre-defined stages and levels for manufacturing any product and we strictly enforce these various steps just so we can deliver the product that brings the satisfaction to you in one go. 

In the last couple of years of our existence the one thing that we have paid great heed to is “Quality First”. We know as a manufacturer that the only way to move ahead and to make bigger customer base, quality is what we must deliver. We offer you ease, transparency, quality and affordability with every product that you choose. 

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Delivery Areas

Pan India

Price: Rs. 18,000/-
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Exclusive Benefits:
  • Call back from the supplier
  • Personalized service from the company
  • Additional Discount* at the time of redeeming order
  • Free shipping/door delivery or store invite as per customer's choice.
Before placing the order, please click on the 'view delivery areas' button on this page to view the list of delivery areas of this company. If you are located in a non-serviceable area, company reps will speak to you and arrange best possible delivery.
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