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Deepika Saini

GurgaonHaryanaIndia, 122002

I love and live for design because it's not only about looking good. It's about how spaces subconsciously creep in and something may function in a way that was planned and you may not even realize it. Form first, then the beauty excited the eye. It's a team. They both have to work together and that's what I think is great design. Not only does it have to be beautiful; it has to be smart! My biggest design secret is that one should learn the rules and then break them. Breaking them to me means really listening to that gut instinct. For example, when I am installing a pair of sconces, I sometimes don't have the opportunity to measure it's exact placement and will hang them based on my eye and gut. I wait for the moment when my gut says, "OK, that's it. Right there. That's where it should be. " Sometimes that can be challenging but I've learned that every time I listen to my gut, it never lies.

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