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GurgaonHaryanaIndia, 122018

SPACE TALK is an interior design studio in Gurgaon that specializes in Residential Interiors & state-of-the-art furniture manufacturing - for Luxury Apartments, Villas and Farm houses. After over two decades of doing up interiors for Residences, Fashion Boutiques, Jewelry Stores, Cafes, Home Bars, Offices and Exhibition spaces, SPACE TALK Designs now likes to keep the focus on making beautiful and customized furniture and adding personalized touch to home spaces that demand style, comfort and luxury. Whether you are looking to create a soothing Mediterranean living space or a warm, rustic, closer-to-nature environment to retire at the end of the day, the skill set required to put together the perfect elements, coupled with years of experience in both design as well as fabrication in our factory facility to deliver the elegantly- styled, hand-crafted furniture pieces within the set timelines, is what sets us apart. Himani Jain It all started when a young girl, a topper in school, decided to follow her passion instead, in the Design Discipline. The journey was rough but stimulating. It began with years of grilling, followed by learning to differentiate good design from bad and eventually turning into a Design Critic. With her international travel exposure, her eye to detail got developed. Her sense of combining color tones got honed. The skill of layering of complex materials and textures got curated. And these are the key ingredients that help in bringing out the best in every piece that she touches. "Proportions is what builds or kills a piece" is what she professes. She is an interior design consultant, critic-cum-stylist who specializes in the Business of luxury, glamour and grandeur. She started Space Talk in and aims to take some form of design to every household, through her offering of Hourly Consulting.

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01. Interior Design Whether it is a residence or a commercial space, a big project or a small room, making layout plans that are accurate to the last inch, is a must and should. A good layout plan not only defines the placement and arrangement of...see more


SPACE TALK Designs - An Interior Design & Furniture Manufacturing-Furniture Styling firm in Gurgaon that offers the unique concept of Consultation-On-Demand.

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