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Nisha Jamwal

MumbaiMaharashtraIndia, 400001

Right since I could walk I remember that I could draw and soon after I became aware of my space, of color, of which toy would go where. As I grew up this began to translate into the homes of relatives where I was overcome by an urge to rearrange people homes and, given a chance I did actually precociously advise them. Today I do it as a profession, one that is as natural to me as breathing or eating, where I live through the spaces I design, love the slates and stones that go into the magic of doing away with raw cracked walls into large open airy spaces with light and color and beauty. 

Unlike disappointments in love and relationships, here the rewards are infront of me growing every day like a beautiful tree flowering, actualizing, and the dream that I dreamt as I walked into the space that was ‘before’.



The drama is entirely in the ultra contemporary lines, treatment of form and function, the way in which a wide variety of materials are incorporated so that there is a vivid spatial and textural journey as you walk through the space.

 For me design is:-

  •  Light, Space, Air, Skies.
  • Woods in different colors on floors and furniture.
  • Naturally occurring dramatic patterned marbles on table tops and walls
  • Intensely colored stones and slates on columns and dadoos
  • Unusual combinations of offbeat colors on walls like rust’s, ochre’s, purples and mahogony’s (that echo the shadows on the palms outside huge picture windows) on walls
  • Everything creates a kind of chiaroscuro further accentuated by the very detailed light design that I am fastidious about.
  •  Many people when doing their spaces oftener choose to play safe with white and neutrals, but this is a space abloom with bold use of color and material.
  • Lighting is very much a part of my design where I interplay indirect lights and direct chandeliers, so that different lighting provided carefully lit lighting moods for different occasions with different controls, like understating yellow lights, reflected ceilings, lit with concealed spots  and harboring pendulum lights in different realms.
  • I use furniture and furnishings that are bold and dramatic. 
  • Bedrooms are designed for serenity with a varying palette of neutral shades—ecru, coffee, reds, cappuccino, olive—for walls and bed linens and a camel riverwashed limestone floor.
  • A lack of adherence to convention marks my work and I have undoubtedly created unique fascinating spaces— avant garde havens you wish to escape to weary with a pressured work day.

Over tea Farah Khan the choreographer recently told me of how when she heard a song how she knew exactly what steps she would like Hritik Roshan or Shah Rukh to perform, and I knew exactly what she meant. When I walk into a space and hear a client speak of his desires for his home, I just know like I know nothing else in the world, exactly what I would like to do to a space, as if it were a basic necessity for survival like air—is my love of delivering substance from nothingness!!

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