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Pragnesh Parikh

VadodaraGujarat, 390015

Bandhandesign has specialized in interior design since 2010. Our expertly skilled team of interior, product and graphic designers; architects; engineers; and artists creates exceptional designs for  residence, hotels, restaurants and spas, each of which are fashioned with an individual style that emphasises the project’s special qualities.

Our enthusiastic baroda based- Interior design studio also creates bespoke residence, hotels, restaurants & coffee shops. With our feet planted solidly in the ground but our heads above the clouds, Bandhandesign is reaching for the stars. Shaped by the principles of Indian culture, authenticity and contemporary elegance, our projects are proof of our firm belief that outstanding design is a  best concierge. A distinctive design makes home, office, hotel, restaurant, or a flat feel comfortable yet exciting, casual yet elegant; with this understanding, our practice’s daily work is supported by creative experience of out  talented designers. The team excels at evoking emotions through a built environment’s design.

BandhanDesign’s approach to hospitality intertwines the unique provenance of a place and its local culture with the core values endorsed by a brand’s guidelines. Our designers’ passion for continuous improvement drives us to partner with exploring in new materials, colour, lighting, furniture design and architecture so that each project is individually tailored. Concepts are also shaped through our  awareness of the world around them. The constantly changing needs of our society are put under a microscope and analysed through the lens of travel, hospitality, tourism and technological developments – ensuring that the best solutions are achieved not only for today but for the years to come. Functionality informed by a wealth of expertise is what builds the foundation for our designs and enables us to deliver outstanding results. Atmosphere is the playground for our creative souls who delight in finding imaginative answers.

Together, these are what BandhanDesign does best



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The brightly painted exteriors for "Mr. Idli"

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Modern Office interior designs

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