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sarbajit dhar

KolkataWest BengalIndia, 700029

We believe that the most successful, full-bodied design solution arise from a collaborative process that begins with holistic approach to problem , we have to identify the core essence of what we are trying to solve . Problem seeking and solving is a dialogue of discovery through respectful interaction with the industry's most inventive multi-disciplined minds. We are considered thought - leaders in many building sectors and dig deep to understand our clients business in disciplined, focus fashion extending the lessons learned into our other sectors. This cross-pollination of ideas leverages our clients. We understand our clients business need and interpret these needs into a design response that establishes the building as an ally to the businesses hand.

Develop a concept We define a concept as a thought, inspiration or intended experience that provides guidance and gives aesthetic direction for all design disciplines throughout the entire design process. Cohesive design begins with a clear intention. We need to understand the key issue our clients are trying to address and what kind of response they hope to evoke from those who interact with the facility . We believe a rational exploration into a facility needs and a wholly developed concept embraced by all team members will result in building that exude a sense of harmony and enjoy an organic relationship with the site. Done correctly, this process encourages a balance between the poetic and the pragmatic that allows our work to be both passionate and grounded.

Design Workshops By organising design workshops with the entire team at the beginning of the process, we are able to define key issues and set in motion an agreed upon direction by the entire team including the client. This direction can shift and respond to evolving concepts, but the big idea remains as the overarching design organisation tool. As the design discovery process unfolds, periodic design reviews keep the project on track and communicate continual refinements in the direction of the solution, while preserving the quality of the initial concept these reviews encourage cross fertilisation between market sectors and enable firm-wide design consistency .

Services Provided

Studio Services 1. Architecture 2. Planning and development 3. Interior designing 4. Project management 5. Graphic designing 6. Branding 7. Research 8. Product designing 9. Sustainable Design Studio Studio ...see more


Space planning / Designing and Execution

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West Bangal and pan India

Commercial (3) Retail (1) Residential (2) Hospitality (1)
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