Laser distance Measuring tools
Laser distance Measuring tools

Laser distance Measuring tools

Leica DISTO™ D210, X310, D510, D810 touch

1st family of ISO *-1 certified laser distance meters

1st IP65 laser measuring tool with integrated digital viewer and tilt sensor (D510)

1st touch screen LDM (D810 touch)

1st LDM with “Measure with Picture” function (D810 touch)

1st LDM that allows screen grabs with measurement data (D810 touch)

Innovation award, Batimat, 20 years after winning with the Original Laser Distancemeter (D810 touch)

Smallest LDM with Bluetooth (D110)

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Laser distance Measuring tools
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Product Details
Model Number Leica Disto
Other Specifications & Standards Compliance
Certified for Accuracy

A laser distance meter is only as accurate as its measurement module. To be sure that a distance meter is accurate, you need to know that the actual module in the tool in your hand is accurate.

Other manufacturers drop modules in a chassis and ship them with a generic piece of paper that says “This module meets this spec”...but does it?

That kind of uncertainty would keep our engineers awake at night.

Every Leica DISTO™ module is tested before assembly and matched to a serial number. The tool is tested again after assembly. The specific variation within our spec for each unit is recorded on a Certification of Accuracy that is included in the box.

This process is managed by the same Quality Assurance team that ensures that our $50,000 Smart Station is accurate enough for the most demanding engineering challenges on Earth.

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