10 great bar ideas for home

Decor Tips Dated:  Dec. 31, 2013
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Compact living might be giving you a really hard time especially when you want to carve out a space for a small bar at home. This problem is quite common in small apartments where things look so jam-packed that even moving a furniture isn't quite possible. In such a scenario, the possibility of home bar seems almost unlikely.

Well, before you begin to think this a far-fetched idea, we advise you to put an end to your thoughts- A well equipped bar don't always need a pretty large counter with a couple of stools , an enormous cabinet or separate refrigerators. All you need is a little space where you can stack in all your favorite liquors/some mixers and  a little know- how to materialize things. 

If you can't think of anything creative at this point of time, put your worries away and read on. Here are ten most inspirational ideas of all time that would help you set up an ideal bar at home. 

  1. Living Room Cabinets: If you want a large storage space to stock up all your liquors at a place, use few shelves or the whole of your living room cabinet. Cabinets with see through cases would make it easier for your guests to decide which drink to kick off with. Moreover, the shelves would easily accommodate all your drinkware- from beakers to beer stains and tumblers to pint glasses. 
  2. Exotic Kitchen cum bar : However, if you don't want to be explicit about your drinks , you cannot find a place better than your own kitchen. Borrow few shelves from your kitchen where you can stack all your drinks. You will find your the snack ready once you are done with preparing the virgin mojito. 
  3. Portable bar- the beach
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    Get yourself a moving shelf that appears more or less like a beach trolley and move your drinks around the house. However, ensure that the  trolley has enough shelves where you can stack up other liquor essentials apart from the bottles. 
  4. Wall bar a fill up your empty bookshelves: Why let the empty bookcase gape at you all the time? Fill them up with what you would need most of the time- Your favorite liquor. 
  5. Your refrigerator-Stack them deep down: Well, everyone prefers chilled beer. The best option is to stash them deep down inside the freezer where you will always find them as you want. Nevertheless, if you have no space in your main fridge, you can opt for a mini bar refrigerator, which is quite smaller than the main fridge yet has an in-built ice tray apart from usual freezer compartments. 
  6. Hide 'em up behind the bedroom closet/mirror: Nobody would ever notice that you have a whole stock of liquor in there! You can have a hidden bar right in your bedroom. 
  7. Basket Bar : Sometimes, every storage space in homes seems to be full. In such a scenario,
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    yourself a pretty big basket that can hold a few choicest bottles of drinks that you can't do without. Place it straight on your bed tables such that you get an easy access to it. 
  8. Old television: Most of us have not yet ditched our old TV set- the old squared ones that had been there for almost three decades. Well if you are a vintage freak with an old TV set , get it evacuated from inside and make a space for your mini home bar. The TV box when placed in living room would accentuate your dAcor to a great extent. 
  9. Side Table with enough shelves: A side table is usually seen crammed up with the unessential clutter. Clear away the clutter and replace it with your finest liquor bottles. You can use the space underneath for other drink essentials. 
  10. Lock the bottles down under : At times, it seems like all spaces are taken up by something or the other. The ideal solution in this scenario is to get a bar incorporated in your floor. You can have as many as chambers as you want. Simply lock your favorite prized possessions down under and withdraw them when you need. 

         Once you have been through the above ideas, you can decide to incorporate what's right. So what are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeves- You are just about to set up a personalized mini bar at home. 

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